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The Quintessential '90s Trend That Inspires Hailey Bieber's Beauty Routine

The model reveals what’s in her beauty bag.

by Hilary Shepherd
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Hailey Bieber's beauty routine has changed now that she's about to turn 25. Here, she tells Bustle a...
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Beauty Detail
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In Bustle’s Beauty Detail, we dive into the beauty bags of our favorite talents for intel on the rituals that keep them glowing and the MVPs (most valuable products) they can't live without. Here, Hailey Bieber tells Bustle about her retinoid journey, favorite sources for beauty inspo, and more.

Hailey Bieber is turning 25 in just a few months — on Nov. 22, to be precise. And like any self-proclaimed skin care enthusiast, the model and Bare Minerals clean beauty ambassador is marking the landmark birthday by doubling down on what she calls “preventative” beauty measures — namely, by using retinoids and SPF.

So far, she seems to have a pretty good handle on the latter, telling me over the phone that she never dares leave the house without sunscreen — though she’s still trying to master the reapplication process. “I forget [to], and I don’t really think there’s that many products on the market that are the easiest for reapplication, especially if you’re wearing makeup,” she says. “Like, I just don’t see how that’s possible. It’s tricky.” (ICYWW, it is possible to tackle that all-too-common conundrum.)

Bieber adds that 25 is that “sweet spot age” when one can — and should — start using products like retinoids, which can help fight acne and slow signs of aging. “I’m doing it so that 10 years from now I don’t look back and say, ‘Well, I wish I started using a retinol earlier,’” she says. Bieber’s been open about her skin care journey, recently giving fans a full breakdown of her second week on a prescription retinoid (“So far, not too much irritation [and] a few tiny breakouts,” she wrote) and soliciting their opinions on the Rx version of the ingredient.

Looking fresh-faced is her perpetual mission, she adds, noting that she often turns to the ’90s for beauty (and fashion) inspo. “Looking super fresh was very accentuated then,” she says. “It was all this fresh-feeling makeup and hair. I’m very inspired by all things Kate Moss and Gisele [Bündchen] — I look back at a lot of their beauty trends and apply certain things to today.”

Hailey Bieber’s day-to-day beauty routine seems on par to help her achieve that goal: When she wakes up, she washes her face and applies hydrating serum and SPF, followed by a few dabs of concealer, some blush, a “chill little lip gloss situation,” and finally, an eyebrow gel. “[Then I’m] ready for the day.” As for her nighttime routine? Well, you can check it out on her YouTube channel, where she hilariously declared, “If I’m not getting into bed looking like a glazed donut, then I’m not doing the right thing.”

The routine sounds minimal, but Bieber does love a dramatic hair and makeup (and nail) moment. Still, at the end of the day, she tells Bustle she’s her happiest and most confident self “just being at home, chilling and doing nothing.”

Here, Bieber shares her five desert-island products, from her drugstore lip-saver to her go-to perfume that smells like peonies and Justin-approved peaches.

Her MVP Sunscreen

“I mostly use EltaMD. I use SPF every day. One hundred percent don’t leave the house without it.”

Her Fave Brow Gel

“I really like the application brush more than anything. It’s so tiny and combs through every little hair. It’s also infused with serum so it helps your brows to grow. I love something that’s multipurpose.”

Her Go-To Fragrance

“I don’t remember if someone gave it to me, but I just fell in love with this one scent. All their scents are really beautiful.”

Her Must-Have Drugstore Lip Salve

“[I love] something super hydrating and moisturizing. I’m an Aquaphor kind of gal — I’m very picky about lip products.”

Her On-The-Go Powder

“I love to have a powder with me when I’m on the go. The Original Mineral Veil Pressed Setting Powder from Bare is perfect for that.”

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