What We Know About Fenty Perfume Coming To The UK

Want to smell like Rihanna? Of course you do.

Rihanna on the red carpet.
Andrea Raffin/Shutterstock

Ever since Fenty Beauty founded in 2017, we’ve been able to use Rihanna-approved makeup — and very soon, we’re going to be able to smell like her, too. Yes, that’s right, Fenty is finally launching a fragrance, and it’s safe to say that this could be a *big* moment in beauty. Here’s what we know so far.

In the past few weeks, there have been a few details about the perfume dropped on social media and in the press. On Instagram, Fenty Beauty has shared images and videos of the bottle, Rihanna’s promo pics, and a short description.

The very first look fans got of it was via Instagram, when a mysterious short video showcasing a brown bottle was posted on July 28 alongside the caption: “Something sensual, confident yet sexxy coming your way very soon...”

Two stunning shots of Rihanna were then posted to the Fenty account, alongside the announcement, which simply read: “#FENTYPARFUM COMING SOON.”

Followers finally got a proper first look at the bottle and box packaging on July 30, along with a description of the scent.

“Raw, sensual, spicy, and sweet all at once,” the caption read.

Vogue later revealed that the scent features notes of magnolia, musk, tangerine, blueberry, Bulgarian rose, and patchouli.

The perfume will be dropping on August 10 at — but sadly, comments revealed that that launch date only applies to the U.S. for the time being. Unfortunately, at the time of writing (August 3), we still don’t know exactly when UK customers will be able to get their hands on the coveted elixir. Most products from Fenty drop in UK stores at the same time as U.S. ones or take just a few weeks to make their way over. However, there’s a chance it may be different this time around considering the fact it’s a perfume (EU and U.S. regulations don’t always line up in this area). I have contacted a representative from the brand and will let you know any updates.

Whenever it arrives, it’s sure to smell fantastic, especially considering everybody who meets her reports how good Rihanna smells, including Cardi B, Lil Nas X, and Jennifer Lawrence.