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The Secret To Taylor Swift’s Fringe, According To The Experts

And how to recreate her go-to hairstyle.

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The Secret To Taylor Swift’s Fringe, According To The Experts
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Having been in the music industry for over 15 years, it would be no surprise if we’d seen all sorts of variety in Taylor Swift’s hair evolution. But the singer-songwriter has rarely changed her hairstyle since she first burst on the scene in 2006. Sure, Taylor Swift’s hair in her debut era was a gorgeous blonde curl, but once she chopped it shorter and let her natural wave take over, there was no stopping her. Of course, it wouldn’t be right to talk about her hair without giving Taylor Swift’s fringe an honourable mention. A main character all of its own, it's been part of her look on-and-off for most of her time in the limelight. From cut and colour, to styling her effortless fringe, here’s how to achieve Taylor Swift’s signature hair according to the experts.

How To Achieve Taylor Swift's Signature Fringe

Swift has been a chameleon when it comes to her hair, changing styles across the years, but one thing she keeps consistent is her fringe. Shifting between two distinct styles of bangs, the singer tends to swap between a slightly heavier style and growing one out.

To get Taylor Swift's fringe style, celebrity hair stylist Jason Collier suggests speaking with your hairdresser first and foremost. “Work with your face shape. What works for Taylor doesn’t mean it will work for you,” he warns. “Taylor’s fringe is pretty heavy but it always has slight movement and texture. You want to ask for something soft and easier to style. If it’s cut blunt and straight it can fall harsh and be quite severe.”


Dom Seeley, celebrity hair stylist and International Creative Director at ColorWow agrees. “You need to consider face shape, as well as keeping in mind the maintenance and upkeep and also your personal style,” he says. “If you do commit then for sure keep it softer and longer, so you can play around with the length in order to be less committed and make for an easier growth.”

How To Achieve Taylor Swift's Hair Cut

Whether you’ve opted for a fringe like Taylor Swift or not, keep in mind the softness at the front to achieve Taylor Swift’s haircut, says Seeley. “Also keeping the layered lengths a little longer to blend; it’s not cut blunt or straight; it has slight roundness to the length.” His top tip: Ask for the front to be ever so slightly rounded with gradual length, building at the edges so it remains playful when it comes to styling it.

How To Achieve Taylor Swift's Hair Hairstyle

“Blow dry using a large round bristle brush to get fullness in the fringe,” suggests celebrity hairstylist Neil Moodie. “Don’t use heavy styling products, just a detangling spray (like Biolage All In One Coconut Infusion Spray) and layer with L’Óreal’s Tecni Art Pli, a heat-activated spray that gives shape, memory, and root lift.”

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What Is Taylor Swift's Natural Hair Colour?

Taylor Swift’s natural hair colour is what industry experts would call a base six or seven, says Moodie. “This would commonly be known as mousy, but I think her natural hair colour leans more towards a dark blonde, as opposed to a light brown.”

Does Taylor Swift Dye Her Hair?

Taylor has been very experimental when it comes to colour in photoshoots and music videos alike, but she tends to stick to her trademark mousy blonde locks. However, she dyed her hair bleach blonde for an American Vogue cover shoot in 2016, and that marked a significant change in her hair story.

“Taylor’s hair at one point would have been natural, but due to her going bleach blonde a few years back, and then returning to her signature colour, there would have been a colour process in play,” explains Seeley. “I’d imagine she will have colour in her hair but it’s done so seamlessly that it looks natural.”

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How To Achieve Taylor Swift's Hair Colour

While she rocked the platinum blonde look for a while, Taylor reverted to her natural colour before long. “Even when her hair is natural and mousey, I do believe she will have a soft highlight put in her hair to keep it dimensional and expensive-looking,” says Seeley. “She has it done in such a way that it doesn't look like she tried hard. It’s a great placement of colour that accentuates her face and bone structure.”

Collier adds: “It looks like she has micro lights, which are super fine highlights and then maybe a little balayage on the ends. This makes the colour look super-natural and when it grows out the roots are not very obvious.”

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