6 Expert Tips For Styling Your Edges

Time to get those baby hairs laid.

Here's how to style your edges & baby hairs like a pro, straight from Rihanna's hairstylist Yusef.
JP Yim/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Whether you’re rocking a snatched high ponytail, intricate braids, or a gloriously voluminous afro, styling your edges and baby hairs gives a hairstyle that extra oomph. Swooping, gelling, or curling your daintiest strands just completely changes the vibe of your look.

Even if your edges are a little sparse or damaged (breakage happens to the best of us), you can learn some styling tricks from the pros to fake a fuller look. “No baby hairs? No problem,” Jesseca Dupart, CEO of Kaleidoscope, tells Bustle. “Just borrow and pull more [strands] from behind the hairline.” After that, she says that applying a product like Miracle Edges will give extra support and hold. Then, use an edge scarf (you can find ones for under $10 on Amazon) to set your style until you’re ready to head out the door.

Of course your hairline is extra delicate, and you want to make sure that your styling choices aren’t going to permanently damage your curls. But with the right tips, tools, and products, you can recreate expertly styled baby hairs without breaking a sweat. Read on for six tips from Dupart and celebrity hairstylist Yusef Williams — who coifs the curls of Rihanna and Normani — that will help you style your edges.


Use A Soft Bristle Brush

Being gentle with your edges is key. Dupart recommends using a brush that has softer bristles to help avoid breakage or damage to your fragile baby hairs.


Use The Right Edge Control

VIP Luxury Hair Care Elite Edge Control is one of Williams’ favorite products for styling baby hairs. “It's smooth, leaves no residue, and it locks in baby hairs for the entire day, which is vital for my red carpet and editorial looks but also perfect for day-to-night styling for the woman on the go,” he tells Bustle.


Install And Remove Your Wig Correctly

If you’re wearing a wig while slicking down your edges, Dupart says to make sure you’re installing and removing it correctly. Being too harsh is a common cause of breakage and damage around the hairline.


Avoid Hairstyles With Too Much Tension

If you’re constantly applying heat or slicking your edges back every day, it can be a recipe for breakage. “Avoid hairstyles with tight tension on hair,” Dupart recommends. “Try hairstyles like side or front bangs to help give an illusion.


Try Topical Fiber Hair Color

Here’s another tip for those with baby hairs on the thinner side: Williams suggests using a little bit of a topical fiber hair color to fill it in. Then, “using the tip end of the The Y by Yusef Toothbrush, separate hairs to make it look more realistic and natural.”

You can also use makeup to bulk up your edges. Tippi Shorter, Mizani global artistic director, likes to spritz retouch spray onto a makeup brush and “brush around [the] hairline to give an appearance of fuller edges.”


Use Alcohol-Free Products

Williams says using properly formulated, alcohol-free products is key to protecting your hairline. His favorite is K18, which is formulated to repair hair damage from within.