Why Everyone's Highlighting Their Jawline On TikTok

The contouring hack is going viral.

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Beauty TikTok is the gift that keeps on giving. It provides an endless sea of tips and tricks from which millions of hair and makeup lovers pull inspiration — sometimes to the point that raved-about products sell out (see: the Black Honey lipstick craze). The latest beauty trend to go viral on the platform? “Jaw highlighting,” a bronzing makeup technique inspired by none other than Bella Hadid and her luminous jawline.

“This picture of Bella Hadid is breaking the internet,” TikTok creator Jaclyn Forbes explained during her own DIY jaw-highlighting clip. “Do you see that jaw highlighter glow?!” Forbes’ video has since racked up nearly 339 thousand views, inspiring thousands of other users to try the technique for themselves. Now, #jawhighlighter has tallied over 2.3 million views on the platform, though that number will almost certainly continue to rise.

Before you try the makeup technique yourself, keep in mind that some products work better than others. “Be careful with highlighter formulas, as not every product will give you the same effect,” New York City-based makeup artist Tamara Janeli tells Bustle, adding that she advises against using products with any “chunky” shimmer. “Avoid using very shiny products, because it will create more shine and no glow,” she says. And there’s no need to pile on the highlighter to create the contour effect. “With this trend, less is absolutely more,” Molly Thompson-Tubridy, a NYC-based makeup artist and content creator, adds. It’s easy to accidentally go overboard with the aesthetic, she points out.

To try it out, keep scrolling for tips on how to achieve the jaw highlighting look at home.

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1. Contour Under The Jawline

Thompson-Tubridy suggests contouring under the jawline before you start highlighting. “Apply very lightly and blend that downward,” she tells Bustle. “This helps to create a contrast for the pop of highlight.” Use whichever contouring product you have on hand for the job.

2. Highlight The Jaw Bone

Once you’ve blended your contour, apply a small amount of highlighter directly onto the jaw bone. Both makeup artists suggest a liquid highlighter for this look for easy blending (Thompson-Tubridy applies it using her finger), though TikTok creators tend to gravitate towards sticks — so it’s up to you. In terms of application, Thompson-Tubridy suggests adding a few small dots of product and blending up and outward along the jawline. “Only bring it up towards your ears, and make sure to not blend it too close to the lips,” she says.

3. Do A “Party Test”

Once you’ve applied your first layer of highlighter, Thompson-Tubridy strongly encourages everyone to do a “party test” before adding any more. “Shine your phone flashlight on your face to see if it picks up,” she says (you can also use a ring light). If it does, your jaw highlighter is ready. If it’s not yet bright enough, keep highlighting until you’re satisfied. Just be sure to keep testing it out in clear lighting. “This trend is about glow, which photographs and catches the light the best way possible,” Janeli reiterates. Happy jaw highlighting!