The Surprising Reason Jessica Alba Snuck Out Of The House As A Teen

The Honest Beauty founder and her mom take a mother-daughter beauty quiz; surprising revelations follow.

Jessica Alba took the beauty world by storm when she launched Honest Beauty in 2015. Since its creation, the brand has stuck to its mission to create clean, streamlined beauty products that get the job done. What most people might not know is that there’s a family tie in the company: her mother, Cathy Alba, is Honest Beauty’s Head Of Education. The shared passion for beauty between this mother-daughter duo was evident when the pair recently sat down with Bustle to take the mother-daughter beauty quiz. The pair talked about the best makeup tip Jessica introduced to her mom (hint: it involves powder), the first beauty product she ever used, and the time Jessica used to steal the family car to go to Jack and the Box and Carls Jr. without getting caught (relatable!).

One of the biggest takeaways, though, was when Jessica shared her nine-step beauty routine, complete with a surprising reveal: she skips washing her face in the morning most days. The pair mutually agreed on the importance of SPF and a good skin care routine — and that working with your mom can be fun. Oh, and one more takeaway: It is definitely possible to steal the car without getting caught by your parents.

Watch Jessica and Cathy Alba take the mother-daughter quiz below.