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Julia Fox May Have Just Worn Her Most NSFW Look Ever


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Since gracing our screens as the host of the aptly titled OMGFashun!, Julia Fox has cemented her status as a fashion icon who thrives on pushing boundaries. Forget "playing it safe" – Fox's style dictionary is all about audacious statements and leaving a trail of dropped jaws along the way.

Remember that time she showed up looking like she'd raided Lois Lane's closet, complete with a metal breastplate that would make even Superman do a double take? Or how about her bra constructed entirely from a deconstructed pair of sneakers? But Fox isn't done yet. Her latest look takes the cake for pure, unadulterated camp.

Julia’s Jaw-Dropping Dress

The actress sported a dress that, well, let's just say, resembles a giant, inflatable prophylactic. (In short... it was basically a giant you-know-what wrapper.) Emblazoned with the phrase "French Kiss" and a bold red smooch front and center, the dress is a conversation starter on steroids. To complete this gloriously campy look, Fox enlisted her team to pepper her arms, legs, and chest with bright red kiss marks.

But Fox, ever the style chameleon, knows how to balance the outrageous with a touch of unexpected polish. She paired the piece with sleek, black patent leather boots that hit just below her knees and elbow-length gloves of the same material. A pair of black reading glasses added a final layer of quirky sophistication — a sly reminder that even amidst the sartorial chaos, Fox remains in control.


Julia’s Other Latex Contraceptive Fashion

Fox isn’t afraid to push boundaries, and this is hardly the first time she’s worn this kind of look. Last spring, she caused a stir with a completely see-through outfit — a tube top and skirt adorned with strategically placed contraceptives. And let's not forget the matching boots that completed the head-to-toe latex look.

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This is Julia Fox in a nutshell: a fearless fashion experimenter who understands the power of a good shock value.

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While her outfit might not be for the faint of heart, it's a testament to Fox's unwavering commitment to pushing fashion boundaries and having a whole lot of fun in the process