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Julia Fox Channeled Superman In A Silver Breastplate & No Pants

Right down to the signature swirl bang.

LOS ANGELES, CA - MARCH 28: Julia Fox is seen on March 28, 2024 in Los Angeles, California.  (Photo ...
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Julia Fox — along with her best-friend-turned-stylist Briana Andalore — finds outfit inspiration in the most unsuspecting places. First, it was a pair of old sneakers. Then, it was a bunch of dolls. And now, it appears that Fox is channeling her inner superhero in an outfit that looks just like something Clark Kent’s alter ego would wear, cape and all.

After her hairstylist, John Novotny, teased the silver breastplate on social media last week, Fox finally shared the full outfit with her 1.6 million Instagram followers. On Monday, she posted a slideshow featuring images of the look along with a few detail shots, and it was well worth the wait.

Julia Fox’s Silver Breastplate Outfit

The look in question featured a metallic silver breastplate adorned with 3D model spaceships that sat just above the outline of her chest. She paired the “top” with a matching “skirt” — also decorated with galactic details — that was so short it gave the sense that she forgot to put on any bottoms at all (a go-to move for the model, who’s known for her naked looks).

What really made the outfit feel out of this world, though, was the ankle-length cape she wore over her arms and shoulders. It’s giving “Superman, but make it fashion” in the truest sense.

For her accessories, Fox opted for a pair of boots that looked like they could have come straight from the wardrobe of Wonder Woman herself. If the foiled thigh-highs look familiar, it’s because they’re the same ones she wore just a few days prior paired with a blue KNWLS mini-dress.

This is just the latest installment in a series of theatrical outfits that we’ve seen from Fox since the beginning of her new OMGFashun! hosting gig. Over the last few weeks, she’s pulled out all the stops to give her fans the sort of statement-making looks they’ve come to expect from the style icon.

Her Superhero Glam

Staying true to her campy approach to fashion, Fox went full-on Superhero with her glam, too. Her sliced silver brows and ultra-high blush placement enhanced the futuristic feel of the overall look, really bringing the vision to life.

Though Fox is known to play around with her hair color (in the last few months, she’s experimented with bleach blonde, yellow, and even purple strands), she briefly returned to her dark-haired roots with a Superman-inspired wig that, might I add, Novotny laid to a tee. The swirled bang, a lá the famous comic book hero, was just the cherry on top.