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Julia Fox Looked Absolutely Haunting On The Cover Of Vanity Fair France

It’s a stark contrast from her day-to-day look.

NEW YORK, NY - MAY 20: Julia Fox is seen at "Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen" on May 20, 202...
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Julia Fox is looking camp in the eye. For the last few months, the OMG Fashun! judge has taken her signature controversial style one step further. Her recent looks have been so outlandish, they’re more performance art than fashion.

Her on-screen outfits have included everything from a jockstrap and mullet to doll heads and hair extension shoes. Fox even donned a molded breast plate that looked like the uniform of a modern day Superman.

Most recently, she brought that energy to Vanity Fair France, debuting yet another high-fashion look. For the magazine’s digital cover, Fox traded in her current ice queen aesthetic for something completely different: a jet black wig and haunting makeup.

Julia’s Creepy-Chic Look

Shot by French photographer Jacques Burga, the Uncut Gems star wore a well-tailored blazer dress with bold shoulders from Les Benjamins — one of four custom outfits from the brand. Her ensemble included a white spear point collar from pet accessories brand Bootzy Couture for her version of a buttoned-up look.

Vanity Fair France/Jacques Burga

To further embody the spirit of Morticia Addams, she donned a slicked-back jet black wig with a dramatic, tousled crown. Her bleached brows were completely invisible, which made her smokey eye makeup seem all the more theatrical.

Another Wild Look

Further underlining her range, Fox recent IG post was the polar opposite of her spooky cover look. For the OMG Fashun! finale, the actor went for a dreamy angelic look, complete with a gauzy headpiece. Her bandage-style gown was designed by Paris-based designer Samuel Lewis, who has famously made outfits for celebs like Madonna in the past.

According to Lewis, the floor-length mermaid gown was made from hand-dyed distressed silk and embellished with real preserved moths, sourced from antique shops all over Paris. The look included a sheer veil made from a lace shawl from the 18th century.

Even though her show has come to an end, knowing Fox, the Fashun is only beginning.