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Khloe Kardashian & Emma Grede Promise Inclusive Fitting Rooms In New Store

Plus, everything to know about their compression denim.

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khloe kardashian and emma grede for good american
Good American
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Not two minutes into my phone call with Good American co-founders Khloe Kardashian and Emma Grede, one thing is glaringly obvious — these women really care about their customers. Their united goal is to make the best product and ensure it's available to shoppers of all sizes. Inclusivity is the name of their game and they’re playing it pretty f*cking good this season.

From the jump, Good American has stocked its direct-to-consumer website with jeans, bodysuits, dresses, and the like in sizes 00-32 — then, marketed them by hiring a diverse crew of models. And after listening to feedback and looking for gaps (both literal and metaphorical) in the marketplace, they created the revolutionary size 15. Something of a power move, if you ask me.

“I think that we've done a great job in making sure that customers always feel seen and heard,” Grede told me on the phone. “What I love so much about Good American is that when women talk to me, the first thing they say is, ‘Oh my god, I love my jeans — they're so comfortable.’ And then they say, ‘I just love the fact that this brand really represents me.’” (As a plus-size babe, myself, I can vouch for that.)

The brand is beloved for its jeans — and they’ve just launched an innovative new compression range designed to seamlessly sculpt and enhance the wearer’s natural figure. Ahead, Kardashian and Grede give the full scoop on the new line and Good American’s first brick-and-mortar store, among other things. Keep reading for the highlights from our conversation.

Good American

Tell me about the compression denim range.

Khloe Kardashian: Denim has been at the forefront of what our brand is, and I feel like we're always trying to find new ways to be more innovative and just perfect the denim that we have. With this compression collection, we have three different levels of sculpting capabilities: There’s a light compression, a super compression, and then a mega compression. You still get the same supportive, recovery fabric that we’re known for and all of the great techniques like our reinforced belt loops and tummy panels.

It’s all about accentuating the female shape to make our curves look sleek and fabulous. We just want women to feel sexy and confident and embrace themselves in a great pair of jeans.

Emma Grede: The fabric really holds you in and smooths everything out, but they’re everyday jeans that you can wear all the time.

Does the compression design vary between straight and plus sizes?

Grede: The way that we design, there are often two or three patterns. Technically, they're very different. We have to make allowances for different body shapes. Plus-size women tend to carry more weight in their bum and around their sides and their calves. So we're engineering to make sure that what a customer gets at a size 20 is the same as what a customer gets at a size four. That's something we really pride ourselves on: Making sure that we never sacrifice style for the sake of inclusivity.

Do you have a personal favorite style?

Kardashian: Oh gosh. I love the ones I was wearing at our shoot the other day — the level two super compression crossover style, which features an adjustable button design. They’re unique and so supportive.

Grede: Those are my favorite too. That was the bestseller right out of the gate. They seemed to be what all the customers gravitated to first.

Good American

Is there any trend Good American wouldn’t take on?

Kardashian: With Good American, we don't want to dictate what other women want to wear. We want to give women the opportunity to try things out, to try new trends regardless of their size. This was never an option before.

What trends are you guys loving right now?

Kardashian: I really loved when we did a whole little pink capsule collection. I'm definitely a sucker for pink. My daughter loved it too. Emma is not the biggest pink girl, though.

Grede: It's funny cause I'm so slow with these things. I feel like Khloe just got me into bodysuits. So, I'll probably be into pink in about two years when everyone's like “no more pink, please.”

Kardashian: No, I'll still be on the pink train with you, Emma. I'll support you.

Your first ever store is opening next year. What excites you about that and what can shoppers expect?

Grede: If you bring true representation into a store, it looks like being served by women with different body shapes and a beautiful fitting room experience where you don't feel cramped. You have the space to get yourself and a friend in there and enjoy checking yourselves out. A lot of shoppers go into a store and they're told, "We do your size, we just don't carry it here." I just feel like that's so demotivating. We want to make sure the reputation we've built up for serving all customers is something we do in real life, in a store environment.

Good American

To be a little punny, how do you both decompress with everything you have going on? How do you unwind?

Kardashian: I know this probably sounds like someone's worst nightmare, but I actually really enjoy being in the gym. I know it’s such an annoying answer, but I bottle up a lot of emotions. I'm not someone that's super emotional and I think the gym is my release.

Grede: For Khloe's very healthy answer, I'm going to go the unhealthy route and say a glass of wine.

Kardashian: Life is all about balance.

Grede: Right? Just a little glass of vino makes me so happy at the end of the day. And that's what I look forward to.

This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.

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