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Khloé Kardashian On How Good American Is Making Revolve More Size Inclusive

Plus, she reveals which of her sisters is most likely to raid her closet.

Khloe Kardashian's fashion brand Good American is launching at Revolve.

Khloé Kardashian knows you think all she does is sit “around a table shaking a salad,” but that assumption couldn’t be more wrong. Though the 37-year-old does enjoy sharing a healthy meal with her family, her days are spent — as her sister Kim would put it — getting her f*cking ass to work.

Kardashian is the ninth most-followed Instagram influencer in the world, starred in a culture-shaping reality TV show for more a decade, and runs a successful fashion brand, Good American, alongside co-founder Emma Grede. She’s also got a Hulu show in the works, a toddler to raise, and a new business expansion to oversee. Kardashian fans are already aware of the former. The latter, however, will come as a surprise: Good American is bringing its size-inclusive range to Revolve.

Although Revolve is known for its blowout parties and trend-forward inventory, it’s also known for its infamously narrow size range. For years, customers have been pressuring the retailer to expand its offerings — and now, thanks to Good American, the brand is making moves to accomplish that goal.

Good American has taken an inclusivity-first approach since day one, stocking jeans, dresses, bodysuits, and the like in sizes 00-32 — then marketing them via a diverse crew of models (who Kardashian calls the “Good Squad”) on its direct-to-consumer website. This spring, however, the brand will bring those options to Revolve, expanding from a size 18 (the largest Good American currently stocks on the e-tailer) to size 26.

It would be easy to spend hours talking to the mogul about her career endeavors, personal life, and famously dramatic family, but alas, Kardashian only had 20 minutes to spare for a phone call. Here, some highlights from our conversation, and more about this step toward size inclusivity.

Tell me about this new Revolve launch.

We love Revolve, we love their aesthetic, everything that they have to say, and then the fact that they’re picking up the core pieces of Good American in more sizes means a lot to us. And it’s a different set of eyes that get to see Good American and see how inclusive and fabulous we are.

Why was it so important that Good American include an expansive range of sizes, as well as the feature where you can select a model size?

At our core, the desire is to make fashion as inclusive as possible and for women to feel empowered and represented. Fashion sometimes gets really intimidating, and people feel that they can’t venture out into certain things, because they were only shown certain silhouettes or styles. I’ve been on both sides of it — where I have felt really insecure because of what a boutique was, like, allowing me to wear because they wouldn’t go up to a certain size. I felt like it wasn’t expected for me to wear certain things.

Clothes are supposed to be fun. We’re supposed to dress up. And if you want to play a part that day and be somebody different or try something new, it’s nothing permanent. From my experience, I’ve felt like that got lost and it became a really daunting and just, like, a scary experience. So being able to see [yourself] represented on a website is really powerful.

Speaking of confidence, which outfits make you feel the most confident and sexy?

I love denim. I do feel more sexy when I’m in something bodycon and just, like, something really fit and snug. Even at my biggest, I was always someone who liked to be in tight clothes. I liked to show off my body, and even when other people would tell me, oh, I’m too big to wear something or I didn’t have this quote “perfect body,” I felt really good. I felt almost a little too frumpy in something more baggy, when I was at my biggest. With most of our silhouettes — no matter what size — we want to enhance the female shape, we want to cut at the smallest part of your waist and we want to accentuate that. Just because a woman has curves doesn’t mean she wants to hide them.

What about the outfits that make you feel most yourself — the most like Khloé?

Either a pair of skinny jeans and a bodysuit — that’s very much me — or a pair of leggings and a fitted top. And both of those are a very structured and tailored look. I love a bodysuit and jeans, because it’s clean visually and it’s a no-fuss type of thing, and leggings and a T-shirt are just comfortable.

Is there anything you would never wear?

I’ve learned to never say never, because when I do interviews and I say that, it’ll get pulled up years later and I’m like, “OK, you got me.” You can try something new and you might see it and hate it, but nothing’s permanent. You can take the outfit off and be like, “You know what? I gave it a good shot. It’s not for me.”

What’s the Good American item you wear the most?

I love our bodysuits. I love the fabrication of them and just how you feel so sucked-in and supported. But I will say what I wear the most — the longest, because we’ve had denim the longest — is our denim. I am a Good Legs girl.

Would you say that’s your favorite piece you’ve ever launched, or is there another one that you love?

I love our Good ’90s. It’s obviously homage to the ’90s era, but they fit so well on so many body shapes. They’re not incredibly bulky. The reason why I wanted them so badly is because I was trying to find a pair of slouchy, baggy jeans, but so many of them were so stiff or they flattened my butt or they just didn’t lay right, or they had such a low crotch and it wasn’t attractive.

Speaking of that era, ’90s and early-2000s trends are taking over right now — are there any throwback styles you’ve been into lately?

I know people are doing the Euphoria crystal eye makeup, but I’m loving that I’m seeing girls — I don’t know if I’m going to do this, I’m probably too old — but, how people are doing the crystals on their body right now. Like, the bedazzled tramp stamps and stuff — I cannot believe this is coming back around. I’m just like, “What is happening?” But I love it.

Good American takes a lot of pride in its sustainability. What does that look like for your brand?

In addition to focusing on making our denim sustainable, we try to really pay attention to our customers and what they’re wanting, so we’re not just producing things and having these major quantities [stocked] out of nowhere.

And our innovative sizes have led us to being more sustainable across all of our categories. Because of that unique approach, it reduces the need for [producing] inventory in a full size range.

That’s interesting that you say having a diverse size range has allowed you to be more sustainable, because a lot of fashion brands claim that the reason they don’t stock extended sizes is because they don’t want to create products no one is buying.

There’s a way to do it. Our Always Fits, for example — it’s sold in five size categories, but it covers the whole size range. It covers a 00 to a 32, but you’re essentially only making five different styles. So we’re still inclusive, but you’re more environmentally friendly by doing it that way. That alone will cut production by 75%, and then we have a swim category that does the same thing — which I also like because my weight can fluctuate. Instead of buying a size 2, a 4, and a 6, if you fluctuate a couple sizes, you just buy one pair. It hugs your body, it fits the exact same, regardless of what size you are in that small little [size] gap.

That’s great during COVID, because I feel like everyone’s fluctuating — I’m fluctuating for sure.

I think everyone fluctuates. That’s really natural.

You have some other cool technology in your denim, like the reinforced belt loops and tummy panels. Are there any more developments like that coming?

Our policy is fit-first — that’s why we created the size 15 — so we just try to perfect our fits. We’re not trying to bite off more than we can chew.

Which sister is most likely to steal your Good American jeans from your closet?

I would say Kylie. I think Kylie and I have more of a similar aesthetic in what we like to wear. She likes the Good ’90s and she also likes the Good Boy.

You’ve had a lot of life changes over the past 10+ years of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. What can Khloé fans expect to see from your new Hulu show?

Hulu is taking a deeper dive into all of our businesses in a way that you don’t feel like it’s really pitchy — it’s just a part of our lives. Which I’m excited about, because people are so used to us sitting around a table shaking a salad — which is not what we do all day long. So I’m excited for viewers to see that. And, of course our, personal lives, our personal drama — they’re definitely going to always have that.

This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.