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Kim Kardashian Wore *Another* Cardigan On The Cover Of Vogue China

Keeping Up With The Cardigan, Pt. II.

Kim Kardashian attends The 2024 Met Gala Celebrating "Sleeping Beauties: Reawakening Fashion" at The...
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Kim Kardashian ditched her signature style for a full-on haute couture spread for Vogue China. Across three covers, she rocked dramatic tulle skirts, oversized tuxedos, and flower crowns — all pieces that are well outside her usual Spandex-heavy wardrobe.

Photographed by Huang Jiaqi, one cover features Kardashian in a see-through maxi skirt, satin corset, and off-the-shoulder black cardigan. The fashion combo noticably echoes the controversial Maison Margiela look she wore to this year's Met Gala. With the teeny-tiny sweater and her sweater-clasping pose (which closely resembles her standing on the Met steps), the cover is basically a recreation of Kardashian’s May 6th look.

Kim’s Met Gala-Inspired Cover Spread

Kardashian is no stranger to a bold fashion statement, but this spread takes things to a whole new level. Forget the bodycon dresses and minimalist silhouettes you’re used to seeing from her — this time, she went full-on avant-garde.

One cover features Kardashian in a look that's equal parts ballerina and goth queen. A mesh skirt with dramatic black tulle trailed behind her, as she grasped a shrunken noir sweater. Is this a subtle homage to her Margiela ’fit? Or the beginnings of a surprising fashion trend? Only she knows for sure.

Photo: Vogue China / Huang Jiaqi

Adding to the drama, Kardashian rocked a black and burgundy wig, which contrasted dramatically against her pale, almost ghostly makeup. The look felt like it could have been plucked straight out of a Tim Burton film, with its gothic glamour and theatrical flair.

Also Noteworthy: Her Boxy Blazer Look

Cover number two is a fashion power play for the ages. The SKIMS founder channeled her CEO title in an oversized black tuxedo jacket (think: power shoulders that could take down a building). Paired with matching pantaboots — a Kardashian staple — this look screams “high-fashion boss, who takes no prisoners.”

Photo: Vogue China / Huang Jianqi

Her platinum blonde wet-look hair completed the ice queen persona, along with a bold black lip.

Kim’s Living Accessories

For her final cover image, Kardashian threw fans yet another fashion curveball, posing in a black turtleneck dress adorned with a whimsical blue lily headdress.

Photo: Vogue China / Huang Jiaqi

Here, the makeup took a back seat, with muted tones and a glossy neutral lip. It's a departure from the fierceness of the previous looks, but no less captivating.