Lisa Frank Crocs Are Here & NGL, I Really Want A Pair

Hold on to your trapper keepers, y’all.

Lisa Frank Crocs
Courtesy of Crocs

Every so often a collaboration comes around that kicks you right in the nostalgia feels. This is that collab.

Lisa Frank has been on a slow and steady comeback tour for a few years now, thanks to fresh clothing clothing drops and an entire Frank-themed apartment. Crocs has had a resurgence of its own, gracing runways and famous feet alike over the past few years. Now the two popular (if not polarizing) brands are teaming up on a shoe that you’ll either love or you’ll absolutely hate.

After debuting Lisa Frank-themed Jibbitz (charms you clip into the holes on a pair of Crocs), the brand announced today that Lisa Frank-patterned clogs will also be available soon. “Take a step in the most magical Crocs ever!,” reads an Instagram shared by both brands reads.

But — there’s a neon-colored catch. As only limited quantities of the shoe are available, the website reads that you have to “enter for a chance to purchase” the campy clogs. Though the millennials to whom these ugly-cute shoes speak must wait their turn, kids sizes are already shoppable for $49.99.

Entries for the $59.99 shoes are being accepted from March 15 - March 17, so if you want a chance to get your hands on a pair of these groovy kicks, you better get moving.

Check out the wildly wonderful shoes below.