Lululemon Is Launching A Resale Program Called “Like New”

Major sustainability win.

Lululemon Like New Recommerce Program
Courtesy of Lululemon

Lululemon is now more sustainable than ever. Beginning on Earth Day (April 22), the cult favorite activewear brand is launching their “Like New” resale program across the United States.

“Like New” is a recommerce platform that allows customers to trade in their used Lululemon apparel and gear in exchange for discounts on new products. This initiative, first tested in Texas and California last year, also lets fans shop lightly-used Lululemon items (read: sold-out styles you missed the first time around).

In the world of fashion, sustainability is a massive issue. Between production waste (materials, water, trees, and more), the piles of garments in landfills and shipped overseas, plus, a laundry list of other problems, the fashion industry must make a change. Resale programs like this one make for a zero-waste shopping experience, eliminating both fashion waste in landfills and the manufacturing of new product.

Though second-hand shopping is the pinnacle of sustainable fashion, Lululemon (and other brands like it) are still going to produce new product. To combat this, they’ve committed to manufacturing of 100% of their new products with sustainable materials by 2025. According to their Impact Agenda, Lululemon will also repair or recycle damaged products that are no longer in “like new” condition.

Looks like it’s time for some spring closet cleaning — and a little bit of shopping too.