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Every Miranda Outfit From And Just Like That

From stripes to blazers.

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Miranda's outfits on the 'Sex and the City' reboot, 'And Just Like That,' are softer and more fluid ...

Drumroll, please. Miranda Hobbs is back, with Cynthia Nixon in the driver’s seat, for the much-anticipated Sex and the City re-boot, And Just Like That. For this 2021 iteration of the New York women-focused series, Miranda still maintains her slightly-disheveled, buttoned-up corporate appeal that the world remembers from the first decade of SATC. And she still dresses the part, though Miranda’s outfits on the Sex and the City reboot have been modified just a bit.

With AJLT, Miranda shows off her slightly softer side. She’s left the corporate lawyer world to study more humanitarian work and to use her degree to help others in need. She is going back to school and her buttoned-up appearance has been given a little bit of a colorful boho vibe that was a rarity before.

She’s mixing and matching tops with skirts for a modern take on the workwear suit, choosing dresses with a bit more color, and relying on accessories like platform sandals and 2000s-era belts to bridge the gap between the person she once was and the one who she is becoming.

From first-day-of-school looks to the suit she chose for a major funeral, see everything Miranda Hobbs has worn on And Just Like That so far. Spoilers ahead.

Miranda Hobbes’ Striped Dress

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When fans are re-introduced to Miranda, she’s wearing a dress, albeit a bold one, with a brightly colored stripe and that beloved 2000s accessory: a waist belt.

Miranda Hobbes’ Modern Suiting


Though Miranda will never let go of her suiting, it’s been modified a bit for grad school, as she embraces bright colors, slipping into a khaki midi skirt and a bright red cropped jacket on top.

Miranda Hobbes’ Sleek Blazer


For her understated black funeral outfit, Miranda chooses a suit. This season, however, she’s much sleeker and more tailored than fans may remember from decades ago.

Miranda Hobbes’ Boho Looks

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For off-duty wear, Miranda is a lot more bohemian-inspired than ever before, choosing looser silhouettes with abstract prints and more statement-making jewelry.

Miranda Hobbes’ Easeful Uniform


Miranda’s new uniform seems to be a pair of slouchy pants, a printed top, and chunky shoes that make just as much of a statement as the rest of her look.

Miranda Hobbes’ Dark Blouse


In a steamy sex scene with Miranda and Che, fans find the two canoodling in Carrie’s kitchen after a round of tequila shots.

Notably, Miranda is out of her usual colorful boho wares and in a dark off-shoulder top, complementing Che’s black short-sleeved top. The color story conveys that the two are very much in sync and from some angles, they even blend into one another.

What’s more, Miranda’s departure from her signature color palette suggests that fans are about to witness a monumental shift in her life, one that will continue to unfold over the course of the season.

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