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Every Look You'll Want To Steal From Moira Rose On 'Schitt's Creek'

Your style icon of the past six years.

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Netflix/Schitt's Creek

Every single character on the Netflix comedy has their own unique sense of style. But it is, arguably, Moira Rose's style on Schitt's Creek that takes the cake when it comes to looks that wow.

Though all four of the main characters grapple with their newfound reality, pulled away from their previous lavish lifestyle, it’s Moira whose style remains largely unchanged. It's just as elevated as you can imagine it was during a time when her schedule was packed with ladies lunches, cocktail parties, and spa treatments.

Moira’s closet consists of mostly black—with some white mixed in. And when she deviated from that color palette — wearing a nude-colored red carpet gown — there was a specific hidden meaning behind that style choice.

Her style walks the fine line between tailored and edgy and, of course, her wig collection is seemingly endless. She layers like a pro, be it with bodysuits, skinny leather pants and tunics, or jewels upon jewels. Though it’s truly impossible to narrow down her collection of couture looks to just a few, you can find some of her best looks of all three seasons below.

There’s no time like Fall to attempt to incorporate Moira's signature looks into your wardrobe. Scroll through some of her most memorable outfits below.


Amish Country

Netflix/Schitt's Creek

When Moira headed to Amish Country to retrieve David, she wore what the character likely considered conservative—even if, in reality, it was the exact opposite.

In a tiered dress from Lanvin for H&M, a bodysuit, leather fingerless gloves from Chanel and a top hat, the only thing to make her all-black look even more jaw-dropping was the pair of large fishnet Proenza Schouler tights that she slipped into last.



Netflix/Schitt's Creek

When performing season 5’s cabaret finale, Moira channeled Liza Minnelli wearing a pair of high-waisted sequin-striped black pants and a halter vest. She aptly chose a black bob wig and topped it with a small black hat.

It was, as it turns out, the first time that O’Hara had exposed her arms and shoulders in any of the show’s costumes thus far.


Movie Premiere

Netflix/Schitt's Creek

Moira steps back into her old life for a moment, during the premiere of her movie The Crows Have Eyes 3, wearing a pale pink embellished gown with feathers from Pamella Roland. And the look had a hidden meaning behind it.

It was one of the few exceptions in the show’s entirety that the character wasn’t wearing head-to-toe black and that was for a very specific reason. The change in color made the untouchable Moira seem a bit more vulnerable, if only for a moment.


Layering Like a Pro

Netflix/Schitt's Creek

Moira always dressed in layers, and this look was one of the best iterations. She layered a black-and-white asymmetrical Proenza Schouler tunic over a bodysuit and slim leather pants, slipping into black leather booties that seemed a seamless extension of her legs.

She looked edgy and cool but also completely overdressed for her current lifestyle, as always.


PVC Dress

Netflix/Schitt's Creek

For a photoshoot in a field, Moira dons a white button-down shirt with a black strapless ankle-length dress made of PVC. It’s designed by Raf Simons and, according to an interview Dan Levy gave with Vogue, “took us, I’m not going to lie, an hour to figure out how to put on.”


Brunch Look

Netflix/Schitt's Creek

When the family heads to brunch, Moira opts for a pair of black culottes with a wide waist belt, button-down shirt, and long fringe vest on top. But, of course, she doesn’t stop there.

Her necklaces are layered to perfection, and she has two full hands of rings, and matching cuffs that are layered on top of her shirt at each wrist.



Netflix/Schitt's Creek

For her babysitting gig, Moira dresses as anyone would — right? She chooses a silver paillette mini dress that seems fit for a chic New Year’s Eve Party.

She pairs it with chunky statement-heel booties from DSquared2 and opaque black tights.


Anniversary Dinner

Netflix/Schitt's Creek

Moira is all about her accessories and this look proves just that. Even though she’s wearing a little black dress for her anniversary dinner with Johnny, her jewelry is layered, and shoes are truly jaw-dropping.


Lunch Date

Netflix/Schitt's Creek

During a lunch date with her daughter, Alexis, to discuss a potential social media takeover in honor of the premiere of The Crows Have Eyes, she wears a look that has now become early afternoon wear.

Moira slips into a mid-length fringe skirt made completely of silver sequins from MSGM, which she tops with a black military-style tailcoat from Alexander McQueen.


The Final Look

Netflix/Schitt's Creek

As we bid adieu to Moira Rose and her chic family in the series finale, titled “Happy Ending,” the farewell of Johnny, Moira, David, and Alexis is a true tear-jerker—for both cast as well as viewer. And it is for that tearful family hug that Moira chooses a look that can't be topped.

She is wearing a head-to-toe black buffalo check Altuzzara suit that is statement-making yet tailored. For an added Moira-esque head-turner, however, her black blouse is tied in a gigantic bow right at the front of her neck.

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