The 12 Best New Fragrances For Perfume Lovers To Try In 2022

Meet your next signature scent.

Our editors are loving these new 2022 fragrances.

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Finding a new favorite fragrance is no easy feat. There are countless options, they’re not easy to test from your home, and perfume enthusiasts love to change up their scents based on the mood, time of day, and/or overall “vibe” — not solely the season. A romantic date night’s scent is distinctly different from that of a date lunch, for example, while what you wear to see live jazz isn’t necessarily what you’d select to sport for a girl’s night at the club. Hence, the importance of a wide-ranging repertoire of aromas: Every event — and ensuing ensemble — requires its own precise perfume.

That said, actually identifying your go-to scents is an odyssey on its own right. It seems as though brand-new perfumes are perpetually released, and before you even get a chance to try them, an even newer batch is already hitting the shelves.

Fortunately, beauty editors understand the perfume patron’s plight and rounded up 12 amazing new fragrances to help make the search for your next scent a little bit easier.

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For A Dose of Decadence

“Compared to the OG Guilty Gucci, this new iteration is a warmer, woodier floral — and I am obsessed. You'll find notes of tuberose that are balanced with dark plum and vetiver for a moody and subtly sweet scent that lasts all day long.” — Audrey Noble, beauty writer

For The Delicate Romantic

“Romance smells as though Ralph Lauren captured the essence of ‘date night’ and put it in a bottle. Deliciously delicate yet warm, this fragrance features notes of rose, blackcurrant, and patchouli, and softer hints of violet, jasmine, and musk for a modern twist.” — Danielle Sinay, beauty & wellness writer

For A Main Character Moment

“When people ask me how I want to smell, I usually say ‘rich.’ Which is why I'm so into this fragrance from Krigler, a gourmand scent that features yummy notes like almond, patchouli, vanilla, and musk. This fragrance gives you main character energy.” — Faith Xue, executive beauty director

For A Splash of Citrus

“I spritz D.S. & Durga's most recent launch when I need to feel a little burst of energy. It's a bright citrus scent made with tuberose, grapefruit, and musk that is bold, sweet, and instantly puts me in a happy mood.” — Audrey Noble, beauty writer

For An Elegant Affair

I appreciate anything that reminds me of Manhattan, and Chris Collins absolutely mastered its mood with Harlem Nights. Featuring notes of rum accord, orris, and sandalwood, this fragrance is warm and woody; reminiscent of fine cigars smoked in the most bustling bars uptown in the 1920s.” — Danielle Sinay, beauty & wellness writer

For Channeling Vacay Vibes

“I’m a huge fan of jasmine fragrances and this is the best one I’ve ever gotten my hands on. It smells like a strong breeze blew across the ocean and over a fresh field of flowers — absolute heaven.” — Erin Stovall, senior beauty editor

For Something Sweet Yet Zesty

“There are some scents that just make you inexplicably happy, and this is one of mine. Technically, it has notes of Sicilian lemon, mandarin, orange flower and vanilla, but to me, it just smells like a decadent, frosted lemon pound cake. One spritz, and I'm instantly transported somewhere sunny and happy.” — Faith Xue, executive beauty director

For Summoning Springtime

“Made with notes of mineral accord, violet, and sandalwood, you get a fresh and airy floral scent that's just incredibly soothing. Wearing this daily is how I'll be manifesting warmer spring-like weather.” — Audrey Noble, beauty writer

For The Gorgeous Gardenerette

I love floral everything — patterns, fragrances, gardens, the general vibe — and Gucci’s Flora Gorgeous Gardenia evokes, and thus makes you smell, just like that: A gorgeous, luscious, blooming garden (without the allergies). It’s sweet, too, and its notes of pear and brown sugar help balance out the white gardenia and jasmine, meaning it’s not too in-your-face-floral, or sweet. It’s really the best of both worlds, which makes sense as it was made with Miley Cyrus in mind.” — Danielle Sinay, beauty & wellness writer

For A Breathe Of Alpine Air

“If there ever was a winter fragrance, this is it — it's winter crispness and coziness, all in one bottle. Inspired by "the rush of alpine air," Après features notes of saffron, juniper berry, and cardamon that melts into a vanilla-musk base. It smells like your cool, rich aunt after a day skiing in the Alps, which is the kind of energy I'm trying to bring into 2022.” — Faith Xue, executive beauty director

For The Floral Fanatic

“As someone with sensitive skin, I’m so grateful to have discovered Henry Rose. Founded by Michelle Pfeiffer, the line is the first EWG verified and Cradle to Cradle certified fragrance collection, and dedicated to complete transparency when it comes to their ingredients. Flora Carnivora is their first true floral scent, and it’s amazing: With notes of vetiver, soft jasmine, tuberose, and bright orange flower, its soft musk is perfectly balanced, fresh, and earthily floral.” — Danielle Sinay, beauty & wellness writer

For A Winter Date Night

“Aerin can do no wrong when it comes to fragrances (just look at the luxe packaging) and Cedar Violet is another winner. It’s a warm, flirty floral that’s perfect for the cooler months, thanks to its mix of violet, amber, and cedarwood.” — Erin Stovall, senior beauty editor