The 6 Best Non-Aerosol Dry Shampoos For The Ultimate Scalp Health

An expert on all things scalp care and hair growth spills.

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In 2022, dry shampoos were recalled due to benzene concerns. Here are the best, non-aerosol dry sham...
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Just as a handful of potentially harmful aerosol dry shampoos have suddenly been recalled from the shelves due to concerns about benzene, an interest in scalp-healthy products has steadily increased over the course of 2022. And with it, an on-cue rise in intense scalp care routines has been brought to the forefront, as scalp massagers, scalp facials, scalp micro-needling for hair growth, detoxes, and targeted serums have swiftly become the norm.

Helen Reavey, a board-certified trichologist, hairstylist, and founder of Act+Acre, shares her unique expertise with Bustle (and dispels a few mind-blowing myths in the process).

On Scalp-Loving Ingredients

Recently, a bunch of aerosol dry shampoos have been recalled. Are you able to speak on why aerosols can be harmful?

“Aerosols typically strip away at the crucial healthy oils which help our scalps to thrive, causing an increased chance of irritation and flakiness on the scalp along with unhealthy buildup on the hair follicle. They can also be pretty hard on the lungs with continued use.”

When it comes to scalp health, what are some dry shampoo ingredients to avoid?

“[Along with aerosol], I recommend steering clear of dry shampoos that contain, talc, alcohol, aluminum, and fragrance. Over time, dry shampoo can build up on the scalp, preventing nutrients from being able to reach the hair follicles, and products containing these harsh ingredients can strip away the healthy oils our scalp needs to thrive. This buildup can lead to an unhealthy scalp, making the hair more prone to thinning and scalp irritation.”

Dandruff is typically caused by an oil imbalance that causes skin cells to build up, then shed liberally. To help prevent dandruff, it’s incredibly important to keep your scalp clean and balanced, which is hard to do if you continually rely on dry shampoo to extend the life of your hair.”

What are some dry shampoo ingredients that are scalp-safe?

“Plant-based ingredients, such as tapioca powder and rice starch, are great alternatives to the harsh ingredients typically found in dry shampoos. They work to gently absorb oil and odor, refreshing the hair. Act+Acre’s Plant-Based Dry Shampoo contains these ingredients and fulvic acid – [which is] a super-nutrient that delivers over 65 minerals to the hair follicle, restoring the scalp microbiome and supporting the hair's natural growth cycle.”

On Hair Washing Myths

How frequently should we be washing our hair?

“It's actually a myth that you shouldn’t wash your hair too often. Dead skin, pollution, and sweat can all contribute to the hair shaft weakening, causing unhealthy hair growth. By regularly washing your hair you flush out these particles, it promotes your healthiest, most luscious hair and scalp.”

“I always try to emphasize that if your scalp feels like it needs a wash, to actually wash it as opposed to applying dry shampoo to mask the issue. Dry shampoo should not be thought of as a replacement for washing.”

6 Non-Aerosol Dry Shampoos

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