You Can Get Unicorn Nails Thanks To These Prismatic Polishes

While Rihanna shines bright like a diamond, at least according to lyrics in one of her biggest hit songs, you and your nails can sparkle like a unicorn thanks to Nails inc's Sparkle Like A Unicorn Nail Polish Duo Kit. The whimsical and fantastical unicorn beauty trend has also exerted itself with makeup brushes and multi-shade highlighters inspired by the mythical, one-horned beast. What colors are the NAILS inc Sparkle Like a Unicorn nail polishes?

There is a soft sheen rainbow shade and a sparkling, rosy gold 3D pigment.

For $15, you get a pair of lacquers in the signature square bottles for which brand is known. The Sparkle Like a Unicorn shades are long-wearing and they offer high shine, gleam, and sparkle... just like any good unicorn!

Know what that adds up to? All sorts of awesomeness.

Sparkle Like a Unicorn Nail Polish Duo Kit, $15, Nails Inc

The unicorn trend has extended to areas beyond the face and not just with these polishes. Lime Crime's vegan Unicorn Hair Dyes are everything and are further proof that unicorn beauty will remain a thing through spring and summer of 2017. And why shouldn't it? It's magical, wonderful, and fun! Makeup can get super serious again in the fall when the temps dip!

Have a look at NAILS inc's unicorn offerings, the stock of which is limited.

That prismatic sparkle, though!

Even the box is festooned with unicorns.

So much dimension is packed into these bottles.

This is how the polishes look IRL. The shade on the left really rocks that iridescent 'n' rainbow vibe, while the shade on the right sparkles like nobody's biz.

This spill shot truly shows the depth and prismatic nature of this blue x pink x purple rainbow hue.

This one is a rosy gold and that's also a huge trend right now. Why not wear this shade on one hand and the prism shade on the other? Or do one for your mani and the other for your pedi? Or do one shade on your left hand and foot and the other on your right hand and foot?