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Olivia Wilde Wore Not One, But Two, Belts To Celebrate Michael Kors

She’s having double the fun.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - JUNE 04: (L-R) Michael Kors and Olivia Wilde attend as Michael Kors celebr...
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Olivia Wilde finally left her house in something other than a sports bra! The Don’t Worry Darling actress, who is known for her daily workout fits, attended an event at Canters Deli on June 4th in a timeless trouser look to support designer Michael Kors. She was there to celebrate the return of Kors’ new store on Rodeo Drive in Los Angeles. Wilde’s outfit featured one very chic stand out accessory: a double black leather belt.

Indeed, at this point in her career, Wilde surely knows how to accessorize a great look for a high-profile fashion event. Remember her daring nipple baring and glove look that she wore to the YSL show earlier this year? Olivia Wilde is the queen of accessorizing (whether it’s a pair of gloves, her nipples, or a belt) — there I said it.

Double The Belt, Double The Fun

More on the statement belt in question: Effortlessly wrapped around the waistband of her flowy trousers, it created a perfectly proportioned silhouette on Wilde. That’s the thing about accessorizing a look with a statement belt: It can add so much to an otherwise simple look.

The waist-cinching style, which can act as the main focal point of an outfit, breaks one up with its texture, buckle detail, and color. In Wilde’s case, her double black belt was made up of smooth black leather, a square-buckle shape, and intentionally long hanging straps.

Wilde, a longtime fan and supporter of the brand, clearly felt confident in her black and white combination as she posed for the camera. She really looked as polished and relaxed as ever. She layered silver and beaded dainty necklaces over her exposed collarbone and wore silver hug earrings with a diamond drop earring in her second hole. The whole thing was very casual but chic for a celebrity-filled night at the infamous deli.

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Olivia’s Runway Inspired Look

The way Wilde wore the piece similar, if not exactly the same, as it was seen at Kors’ Fall/Winter 2024 New York show in February. The black and white look was originally worn by model, Annemary Aderibigbe as she strut in look number four down the runway.

Kors always seeks to reimagine tailored classics; this time, he was inspired by a black and white photo he discovered of his grandparents. It made sense, then, that the collection largely consisted of mostly neutral (black, white, pale pink, gray and nude) monochromatic looks which played heavily with different textures and layering.

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Double and single belts were seen styled throughout the line-up. Wilde’s belt in particular was also shown in nude. The pieces have yet to hit stores, but I have a feeling when they do, the double belt will be the first thing to go — especially if Wilde has any influence over it.