Pearlory Is The Tarnish-Free Jewelry You Can Wear Every Day, 24/7

Solid gold is not the only way to guarantee your jewelry remains tarnish-free.

Written by Hilary Tetenbaum
Pearlory Jewelry

As someone who has been burnt by cheaply made jewelry that tarnishes and turns my skin green, I’m always a bit skeptical of brands promising “forever” pieces. And as summer steadily approaches, nobody wants to worry about remembering to take off their favorite jewelry piece by piece before taking a dip in the ocean or hitting the pool with the besties. Sounds like a drag, right? Not to mention, you risk losing your precious pieces!

To help, Pearlory — the waterproof jewelry brand that promises worry-free jewelry built to withstand the tests of time — has made it their mission to deliver affordable, high-quality jewelry that you can wear anywhere, anytime, without any concern about durability or maintenance. This is 2024: Solid gold is not the only way to guarantee your jewelry remains tarnish-free.

How Is Pearlory’s Jewelry Tarnish-Free?

First of all, why does jewelry tarnish in the first place? The answer is quite simple. As you wear jewelry, it will inevitably encounter all sorts of different elements like air, sweat, natural skin oils, chemicals, and moisture, resulting in the gold color fading and tarnishing.

So how does Pearlory’s jewelry survive the natural elements of daily life? Well, thanks to an environmentally friendly process called Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD), which involves vacuum coating the base metal with layers of 14K to 18K real gold at high temperatures to create that beautiful anti-tarnish finish, you’re able to get luxurious gold jewelry for a fraction of the price of solid gold. PVD plating is also much more durable in terms of longevity than standard processes like electroplating.

The best part is that Pearlory’s PVD-plated jewelry is waterproof and highly resistant to tarnishing, scratching, discoloration, rusting, and abrasion, setting a completely new standard for everyday durability. Made from medical-grade stainless steel, Pearlory’s hypoallergenic jewelry pieces keep it comfy and classy without any skin irritation worries. Plus, they’re all about that quiet luxury, so you can enjoy elegance in every detail without any fuss.

Pearlory Jewelry

Pearlory’s Newest Collection

Speaking of gold, fans of astrology and celestial aesthetics are sure to love Pearlory’s newest spring arrivals. The brand has recently released a collection of exclusively designed zodiac necklaces featuring a cut-out astrology symbol and natural pearl. These cute, dainty charms are a perfect way to truly represent your star sign. No matter your sign, Pearlory’s gold pendants make for a great icebreaker to instantly connect with fellow zodiac girlies out there on the same celestial wavelength.

Of course, these pendants are also great options for a thoughtful and personalized gift for partners, friends, or family. So whether you’re adorning yourself with gold zodiac jewelry or matching star signs with your bestie, you can’t go wrong with these charming accessories.

Pearlory Jewelry

Total Color Warranty

If you’re a jewelry girlie, it might be about time to try Pearlory tarnish-free jewelry. Their large collection of rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets is designed so you to never have to take jewelry off again — whether you’re applying lotion, washing your hands, or jumping in the shower, you can rest assured that these pieces are built to last.

Not to mention, they take all the risk out of trying their jewelry by backing it with a color warranty. So instead of blindly hoping it lives up to the claims, you can simply give one of their pieces a real-life test run. Wear it to the beach, the gym, whatever your everyday looks like, and if it doesn’t maintain its radiance, you can just send it back for a no-questions-asked refund.

Compared to competitors making similar claims, Pearlory puts their money where their mouth is with their warranty. It’s a bang for your buck, and the lasting of the jewelry definitely exceeds the average from what we’ve observed, so it’s highly worth taking Pearlory up on that offer.

Beyond their PVD gold plating and color guarantee, Pearlory’s success of combining luxury and affordability is displayed through the glowing reviews of satisfied customers. As one buyer puts it, “It’s easily affordable. Looks really expensive, yet only you’ll know what an amazing bargain you got!”

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