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6 Phoebe Buffay From 'Friends' Accessories That Feel So '90s

Chokers, clogs, and more.

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Phoebe Buffay on 'Friends' never shied away from piling on ‘90s accessories. Here are 6 of her favor...
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When it comes to the fashion on Friends, each and every character embodied the true flair of the 1990s. While each character certainly had his or her favorite go-to pieces, nearly every single trend of the decade was tried by all. At least once. For Lisa Kudrow’s character, Phoebe Buffay, the focus was squarely on accessories.

Throughout all ten seasons, there was nary an episode that she was not wearing a choker, didn’t have some form of hair accessory (be it a butterfly clip or a simple headband), or hadn’t slipped into a pair of chunky footwear like clogs or combat boots.

Phoebe was a harbinger of retro fashion, with a flair for ‘70s eccentricity, ‘80s maximalism, and ‘60s layering. Her footwear ran the gamut between the punk age of the ‘70s and the flower children of the years that preceded that; her jewelry was both the maximalist looks of the ‘80s and the layering of the ’60s.

If you’re looking for a little inspiration in your own wardrobe, consider following suit. Here are the best ‘90s accessories worn by Phoebe Buffay on Friends.

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Phoebe’s Butterfly Clips

Courtesy of CW

In the ‘90s, more was more in the accessory world. Hair accessories abound, but Phoebe’s favorite by a long shot were butterfly clips.

Butterfly Clips

Shop the trend for yourself with rainbow metallic butterfly clips you can style as you please.

Pheobe’s Doc Martens

Courtesy of CW

With the chunky footwear coming back from the ‘70s, ‘90s children knew how to style everything from mom jeans to mini skirts with a pair of lug-sole Dr. Martens combat boots. And Phoebe was no exception.

Doc Martins

Choose a durable rubber sole, then play up the contrast between rugged and romantic by pairing it with floral dresses and leather jackets.

Phoebe’s Chokers

Courtesy of CW

Phoebe was rarely seen without a choker, be it a jeweled number for a night out or a simpler tattoo or ribbon style. It was like the cherry on top of her look, each and every show.


Splurge and go luxe with a metal choker featuring an elegant design like this option from Roxanne Assoulin.

Phoebe’s Peace Sign Jewelry

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Of course, a relic of the 1960s, peace sign jewelry came back with a vengeance in the 1990s, with Phoebe leading the pack, to be sure.

Peace Sign Jewelry

Try the trend with a gold option you can easily layer with your favorite mixed metal necklaces.

Phoebe’s Clogs

Courtesy of CW

The chunky wood-soled slip-ons from the ‘70s made quite the appearance throughout the ‘90s as well and, coincidentally, are back with a vengeance right now.


Splurge on a sophisticated take on the trend with leather clogs that pair just as easily with dresses as they do with denim.

Phoebe’s Sterling Silver Rings

Courtesy of CW

When it comes to jewelry, sometimes it’s the metal type that makes the largest impact. Layering like a pro, Phoebe loved her silver rings, above all.

Sterling Silver Hoop Earrings

Try the look with your earrings with a sterling silver pair that makes a bold statement no matter what you style it with.

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