The Piccasso Makeup Spatula Is The K-Beauty Product All Over TikTok

The tool can’t seem to stay in stock.

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Aside from global K-pop megastars like Blackpink and BTS, as well as the yummiest BBQ spreads (IMO, at least), Korea is very much known for its innovative skin care culture, and especially, the unique (and at times straight-up bizarre) ingredients used in their product formulas (like snail mucus to repair the skin’s barrier or even donkey milk to lessen the appearance of fine lines).

But the latest trend to come out of Korea that the girlies on BeautyTok are simply *obsessed* with? A stainless steel makeup spatula that effortlessly applies foundation for that flawless, glass skin finish. And word on the street is that the unique hack “is how the it-girls in Korea apply their foundation.” I mean, I’m definitely sold and need my own makeup spatula ASAP.

Erika Titus, a creator that no doubt aided in the tool popping off on American TikTok, says this of the spatula hack: “In Korea, a lot of Korean makeup artists are using spatulas to apply their makeup. It’s supposed to give you the thinnest layer of foundation, apply evenly, and give you that skin-like look.” And after countless other beauty-loving creators took the spatula for a spin on their own skin, the finished look was met with wowed faces aplenty.

While the tastemakers of TikTok agree that the Piccasso Makeup Spatula is simply top tier, there are other similar tools on the market — like the J.Cat Beauty Pro Dual-Ended Mix & Blend Metal Spatula and OFRA Pro Mixing Spatula.

There are a few reasons to go with Piccasso (if you are somehow able catch it in stock, that is). The softly rounded edges allow for effortless layering without disturbing the foundation below it, the spatula itself is larger than most and covers much more surface area for fast application, and the stainless steel material is anti-bacterial, making it super easy to clean.