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Portia’s White Lotus Finale Outfit May Be Her Most Chaotic Look Yet

Gen Z is confused.

Haley Lu Richardson as Portia in 'White Lotus' season 2.

When I say the internet is divided on the looks of White Lotus season 2, it’s literally trending on Twitter as I write this.

Portia is at the center of the fashion controversy, with viewers trying to decipher her Gen Z aesthetic. Is it a hit or a miss? Is this what Y2K fashion was really like? Fans have even gone as far as comparing her looks to early 2000s style icon Lizzie McGuire. And while they’re not wrong, it’s also a quaint reminder of the pure chaos that was 2000s fashion.

For the season finale, Portia carried her look from episode six across both episodes. The Urban Outfitters skirt — a lettuce hem number with floral and tie-dye patterned, baby blue and cobalt diagonal strips — paired with a purple and pink vintage Lee t-shirt looked like it was straight out of Disney Channel circa 2003.

Heading from Palermo straight to the airport. She added a couple more accessories and layers, only upping the early aughts influence. For her departure look, she wore lavender Burberry sunglasses and a baseball cap with a brown and tan striped scarf tied to the back. She accessorized with a drawstring raffia backpack and white sneakers.

Fans went in on her wardrobe this season, and the finale look was no different. Check out some of the hilarious (but accurate, TBH) comparisons below.

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