18 Purple Eyeliner Looks To Elevate Your Makeup

The shade is associated with royalty for a reason.

Zendaya wore purple eyeliner and eyeshadow at the "Dune" UK Special Screening at Odeon Luxe Leiceste...
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It can be hard to pick a favorite shade for your eye makeup looks, but there’s just something about purple eyeliner that stands out from the rest. (The shade is often referred to as the color of royalty, after all.)

As makeup artists Keri Blair and Samson Smith previously told Bustle, purple eyeliner looks great on just about everyone and is particularly stunning on those with brown or green eyes.

From inky, almost-black plum to neon violet, the options are endless when it comes to purple eyeliner looks and finding a specific shade to complement your eye color. You can go bold with a high-contrast, negative space look; you can do a smokey liner look if you want a minimal look that’s perfect for fall; you can also draw on intricate shapes for an artist, graphic eyeliner look.

Interested in giving the regal color a try for yourself? To help inspire some ideas (and show how truly versatile the hue can be), below are 18 purple eyeliner looks to save to your makeup mood board.


Smoked-Out Plum Liner

Giving your eyeliner a smokey effect is a great move for fall.


Light & Dark

Dark purple winged liner with lavender eyeshadow is a delightfully unexpected combination.


Subtle Details

Opt for small graphic designs on the outer corner of your eye or right below the brow bone for a minimalistic version of a statement eye.


Spooky Season

In time for Halloween, this eye makeup look brings all the witchy vibes.


Double Take

A double-liner look is always striking. Opt for a classic black and a neon purple for a bold contrast.


Purple Monochrome

If you love the tinted brow look, then why not try purple? Complete the look with a matching eyeliner.


Open Ended

Opt for a soft shade for your lid, then create a graphic wing with a darker liner.


Negative Space

Negative space liner is one of many ways to get graphic — and purple’s complementary color yellow makes the perfect companion if you’re using two hues.


Ombré Lines

Ground an ethereal glittery eyeshadow with a single floating ombré line.


Violet Flames

Paint on a fire outline with cooler colors like lavender and purple.


Glitter Bomb

When in doubt, pack on the glitter.


Lavender Dream

Go for something softer and less sharp with cloud-shaped eyeliner.


Galactic Aura

This metallic lavender is truly out of this world, in the best way possible.


Intricate Lining

Mixing a bunch of graphic lines makes for one of the more mesmerizing options.


Lower Waterline

A combination of pink and purple looks so pretty.


Outer Outline

Use your eyeliner to highlight the shape of your eyes for an easy graphic look.


Purple & White

To make your liner really pop, add a hint of white to the mix.


Ultraviolet Contrasts

Blend your lavender liner into a bluish purple shade for a dynamic negative space look.