11 Fall 2022 Makeup Trends You Can Start Wearing Now

Get into it.

These fall 2022 makeup trends — from Y2K face gems to graphic eyeliner — are going to be everywhere ...

Dust off your favorite seasonal fall candles and unbox your on-trend platform loafers, because the first signs of summer’s anticipated end have finally arrived — that means cooler air, shorter days, toasted color palettes, the return of pumpkin spiced everything, and endless shelves of (admittedly a bit too early) Halloween home decor. After a summer of heat waves, it’s finally our time, autumn-loving girlies ... I repeat, this is not a drill.

And just as fashion and nail trends begin to shift for the new season, so do the makeup looks ... Which means, of course, Bustle has tapped five top makeup artists in the game for their predictions on what glam moments are about to be huge in the coming months.

While some trends seem to be here for the long haul (like, say, spoiler alert: the “no-makeup makeup” look so associated with summer’s reigning clean girl aesthetic), a few standout hues, products, and tips that are perfect for the fall 2022 season might just shock you. So get your fall-themed Pinterest mood boards ready, beauty babes — here are the 11 top makeup trends you’re going to want to experiment with this fall, as told by the experts.


No-Commitment Bleached Brows

It’s no secret that bleached brows are having their main character moment ... But for many, the trending look is way too much of a commitment. Makeup artist and cosplay connoisseur, Dakota Alexandra, shares: “Bleached brows are trending for fall and I love it. I’ve achieved [the look] with pomades and even concealer.”


Lived-In Glam

Yanni Peña, a NYC-based artist who is no stranger to glamming for the runways, says: “I love makeup that tells a story, especially if it's one where you're out all night and not home until the morning. This trend embraces your natural eyelid color and texture; glossy/oily lids, burst of fresh color, second skin qualities; diffused and melted, perfectly imperfect — your makeup is supposed to look a little smudgy, but not messy.”

Dakota agrees: “Smudged liner is another great trend, giving a super worn-in look. It’s great because it doesn’t have to be precisely applied to achieve.”


All Coral Everything

Shadi Malek, a makeup artist who has worked with some of your fave TikTok and YouTube creators, shares her take on the unexpected color of the season: “Coral tones have been passé for the last few years, but this fall they’re making a huge comeback. A monochromatic coral eye and coral cheek can be so classy for a weekend picnic with your friends or even a night out.”

Peña is also a fan of the hue, sharing one of his go-to lip combos for fall: “Pair a brown lip liner with coral or orange lipstick topped off with a clear gloss.”


The Foil Effect

Alexa Persico, a makeup artist who owns a cosmetics brand by the same name, is all about major glam, with a tip on amping up the eyes this season: “Foiled or metallic eyeshadows give off a reflective shine that is reminiscent of aluminum foil. Unlike glitters, foiled eyeshadows apply smoothly to the eyelids and don't emphasize any texture. It's a great way to add some drama on your eyes.”


Statement Brow Art

Peña believes it’s the year of the brow: “Fluffy, sculpted, bleached, skinny, or painted à la Doja Cat — brows are still a focal point this season.”


Y2K Bedazzle

Malek is expecting more Euphoria-esque bejeweled eye looks to come: “Y2K has been back for all of 2022, but this fall, Y2K-inspired face jewels are SO in.”


Clean Girl Makeup

Judi Gabbay, a NY-based makeup artist, admits that minimal glam is not going anywhere anytime soon ... “[The] clean girl aesthetic still holds strong, with dewy skin and siren eyes using lighter browns and grays [remaining for fall].”


Really Red Lips

Alexandra shares a must-have hue for fall, saying that “red lips are such an iconic look, especially during the fall season. Deep red is my favorite type of red lip — it adds such a bold statement to any look.”

Persico taps in: “If you’re in the market for a red that fits all skin tones, it’s always a good idea to stick with the blue undertones.”

And with the fire final touch, Malek says “adding a small pop with gloss can make your classic red feel trendier.”


Lifted Eyes

On TikTok and beyond, creators are all about creating beauty hacks that give the illusion of a face lift (without the painful nip and tuck). Peña shares a technique to achieve the trending look: “Start by contouring the inner part of your eye crease up to the midpoint of your nose. Then, blend the contour or shadow up to the midpoint of your brow bone. Place your shadow color on the outer corner of your lower lash line, and blend upward and outward. Lastly, use your finger or a flat brush to pat your lid color onto the center of your eye.” Et voilà.


Graphic Wings

Persico says: “Winged Liner is making a comeback for fall 2022 in full force. I’m talking cut crease, bold cat eyes, and even multiple lines. We saw a lot of strong winged liner looks on the fall fashion runways, [so] now is the time to wing out those eyes.”


Berry-Stained Pouts

Gabbay admits you can’t go wrong with this classic lip shade: “Autumn warmth bring berry lips that can finally be seen sans mask.” And this gorgeous shade? Fenty Beauty’s viral Poutsicle lip stain.