These Footwear Brands Are Helping Unemployed Americans Find Jobs On Labor Day

Red Wing, New Balance, and over 50 other companies are joining the cause.

Red Wing boots womens street style
Courtesy of Red Wing

Red Wing is giving new meaning to Labor Day, taking a major step towards helping unemployed Americans. The brand launched their #LaborDayOn Initiative, aimed to assist more than 25 million Americans who are now unemployed amid the Covid-19 pandemic. The footwear company has called on other brands to join them to help the country get back on their feet.

Red Wing will be transforming 525 of its stores, on Labor Day this year, from retail hubs to places where Americans can go to search for local jobs. Additionally, their customer service number (1-800-RED-WING) will be switched over to a job search hotline to both offer free guidance as well as local connections. Lastly, they will be using their social media and marketing outlets to promote jobs.

The name for the initiative was derived from the fact that, without a job, individuals can’t exactly take Labor Day off, so they are calling the program “Labor Day On."

In addition to Red Wing, New Balance, General Mills, Burger King, Johnsonville, Land O’ Lakes, Polaris, Sleep Number, and over 50 more brands have joined the initiative. Red Wing initially sent out a call to action for other brands with an ad in The New York Times on Monday morning.