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Sabrina Carpenter Wore The Versace Dress Claudia Schiffer Debuted On The Runway

Yellow is definitely her color.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK - JUNE 08: Sabrina Carpenter performs during the 2024 Governors Ball at Flushing ...
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You can always tell when a celebrity is drawn to a particular color, because it usually finds a way into their high-profile wardrobes — and Sabrina Carpenter’s obsession with butter yellow is a prime example. Between the Y2K-coded dress she wore on her 25th birthday and the cut-out mini the she donned at Governor’s Ball a few weeks ago, the hue is squarely in her wheelhouse.

On Sunday, Carpenter wore the shade yet again during her performance at the Summertime Ball in London. Only this time, the singer opted for a stunning two-tone mini that looked like it was designed just for her.

Sabrina Carpenter Chainmail Argyle Dress

For Carpenter’s first time headlining at the annual Wembley music festival, she sported a yellow and silver, checked dress made of Versace’s signature chainmail fabric. Though it was tailored to fit Carpenter like a glove, the micro dress debuted last September at the label’s Spring/Summer 2024 show during Milan Fashion Week.

Her mini was designed with spaghetti straps and plenty of glimmering florals. But what’s most interesting about the dress was how the traditionally rigid chainmail material was manipulated to create the soft ruching effect at her hips.

Because the dress is a knockout in and of itself, Carpenter accessorized with a pair of simple hoop earrings and the same ‘SC’ initial rings that were seen in the music video for her new single “Please, Please, Please.”

As Seen On Claudia Schiffer

Now, there’s quite a bit of lore behind the dress, itself. Legendary supermodel Claudia Schiffer wore a similar floor-length style when she returned to the runway last year. After a five year runway hiatus, Schiffer closed Versace’s Spring/Summer 2024 show in a lime green iteration of Carpenter’s dress.

“Love to see this dress living so many lives,” the OG model wrote on her Instagram Stories Monday. “@SabrinaCarpenter, you wear it well.”

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Claudia Schiffer x Sabrina Carpenter x Versace: the fashion collab we didn’t know we needed.