Saweetie Dishes Details On Her Epic Nail Polish Collab

The rapper spills her beauty secrets.

by Hilary Shepherd
Saweetie tells Bustle all about her new space-themed "Made On Mars" collection with Sinful Colors, f...
Sinful Colors

If Saweetie were sent to outer space, she’d bring along a hydration pack full of lemon water (“Water is hella important for your beauty because it hydrates your body,” she tells Bustle over Zoom), a solid moisturizer, perfume, and her nail tech, Temeka Jackson. Space is a relevant topic for the 27-year-old rapper, as she’s just teamed up with Sinful Colors to launch a new collection of metallic nail polish and alien-themed nail stickers aptly titled “Made on Mars.”

In addition to the holographic stickers (the pack, called “Alien Side Chick,” comes with 33), the nail polishes come in dusty orange (“Baelin”), deep blue (“Ice MonSTAR”), magenta (“Big Mamaz Ship”), and lime green (“Lil Beast”). Each shade has a textured finish inspired by the rocky surface of Mars and Saweetie herself came up with the names. Though the star has had *tons* of impressive manicures throughout her career, she says her favorite is the one she’s currently rocking: It incorporates all four colors from her collection for a sci-fi effect, although the shade she loves most is Big Mamaz Ship because “it’s milky like the Milky Way.”

Below, the “Best Friend” rapper talks beauty products she swears by, Halloween plans, and more.

Sinful Colors

What’s your beauty philosophy?

It’s important to take care of yourself: [practicing] good hygiene, keeping your nails clean, smelling good, [using] face masks and hair treatments. When you take care of yourself, that’s when your beauty shines through.

Is there a cool beauty trick you’ve picked up from your glam team?

It’s not really a trick, but I love blush. It makes your face look so pretty and luscious. I put my blush everywhere, including on my forehead and neck. I used to not like it at all. My makeup artist was like, “Did you know I used to sneak blush on you?” I prefer a powder blush. I think orange blush just looks the best with me. Sometimes, with pink, I look like a clown.

You said you’d take perfume with you to space. What’s your favorite fragrance?

I love to smell good. Perfume is like my food; I just make concoctions. I have a perfume bar in my room, and every morning I just play around with it. [The scents I choose] depend on how I’m feeling. My favorite combination is a secret. If I tell you, then everyone’s going to wear it.

Last Halloween, you dressed up as all three members of Destiny’s Child. How will you top that iconic moment this Halloween?

I’m going to be collaborating with an [actor] and we’re going to be shooting some Halloween content. I think it might be able to top last year’s. It’s gonna be [hot.]