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15 Things Carrie Might Wear In The 'SATC' Reboot

Including your favorite '90s trends.

The Sex and the City reboot is on the way. With the help of HBO Max, producer and star Sarah Jessica Parker just announced that there will be another chapter to the SATC series, which originally debuted in 1998.

The Sex and the City reboot, titled "And Just Like That...," brings back the original cast members Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon, and Kristen Davis, sans Kim Cattrall, who won't be returning. The aforementioned 3 stars, along with the original writer Michael Patrick King, are also signing on as producers.

There's no word yet if costume designer Patricia Field will return, but fans are holding their breath in anticipation. After all, it was her extraordinary eye that made fashion the show's fifth main character. Field created for Bradshaw a wardrobe like none other. From thrift shop finds to high-fashion designer pieces — alongside a Manolo Blahnik collection that rivals the designer’s own archives — Field's work turned Carrie into a style icon who still dominates Pinterest boards today. (And fun fact: she was also the genius behind Emily's style on Emily In Paris).

Many of Carrie's signature looks are now timeless style staples, like her famed tutu skirt, her naked dress for her date with Mr. Big, her newspaper dress by John Galliano, and her aforementioned Manolo Blahnik collection.

But we couldn't help but wonder, what might Carrie's style look like in 2021?

For the coming HBO Max production, Bradshaw is sure to continue her head-turning approach to fashion. But perhaps, she'll trade in her Manolo's for Christian Louboutin pumps or shoes from her own SJP collection. And she would hunt through her closet for the '90s favorite Fendi baguette bag and Dior saddle bag which are style very much in style. And, while her signature tulle skirt is sure to make an appearance, she may also continue unexpected pairings like sequins with denim and lingerie for day.

Read on for fun and whimsical Carrie Bradshaw-inspired pieces you can shop right now, ahead of the Sex and the City reboot.

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The '90s Slip Dress

Luckily the '90s slip dress is all the rage in 2021, and Carrie will wear plenty of them with heels, a clutch, and a head full of windswept curls.


The Visible Bra

Bradshaw was well-known for wearing her lingerie and boudoir wear as every day ready-to-wear...even before it was en vogue, so she will likely hop back on the trend. You can see her pairing bralettes with high-waisted silhouettes or wearing them underneath totally sheer tops just to go run errands.


The Sequin Top

Though seemingly normal for, say, a New Year's Eve party, Bradshaw would likely pair a bold sequin camisole with jean shorts or chinos for an early brunch with her besties.


The Tulle Skirt

Bradshaw's iconic tulle skirt just got a major upgrade with a denim mini layered underneath. Paired with a simple white tank top and a colorful pair of pumps, this look is peak Carrie Bradshaw.


The Sexy Cardigan

Carrie would be all over the '90s sexy cardigan look, whether opting for a cropped style or an open-tie look like this one. She might pair them with everything from wide leg pants to high-waisted denim.


The Trendy Hat

Carrie was no stranger to headwear or trends, so she'd go crazy for the mixed print look and kick it off with a zebra hat and a tie dye tank for strolling around the park with ice cream.


The Necklace

Are Big and Carrie still together? If so, she'll undoubtedly have one piece of jewelry that pays tribute to him, besides, you know, that ring. This initial necklace from ByChari would read J and C, and she'd wear it close "to her heart."


The Fancy Designer Bag

Since her '90s era Dior saddle and Fendi baguette are still very much in style, Bradshaw would take them for a spin in 2021 without missing a beat.


The Pajama Set

For a weekend at a house in the Hamptons, Carrie would absolutely opt for a luxe, fashion-forward pair of pajamas like these from Sleeper. She may even throw on a pair of stilettos and wear them to a dinner date, too.


The Party Dress

When Carrie does have a special occasion on her calendar, from a New Year's Eve celebration to a birthday party, she makes sure all eyes are on her. This sequin dress would fit the bill, especially styled with a pink pair of pumps.


The Shoes

Instead of her go-to Manolo's, Carrie may opt for Christian Louboutin or Sarah Jessica Parker Collection pumps this go-around. Either way, you can bet they'll be sparkly, embellished, and colorful.


The Coat

Why go for a "regular" Winter coat when you can opt for one with texture and color? Carrie would layer this look over a slip dress and hit one of the city's hottest nightclubs for Cosmos and dancing.


The Shades

Carrie Bradshaw loves her sunglasses, so she'd be all about this retro pair of split aviator shades from Dior for outdoor dining.


The Jeans

She doesn't wear jeans often, but when she does they'll definitely be the high-waisted, fitted kind to show off her shoes and go perfectly with her crop tops.


The It Bag

Carrie would never be without the It Bag of the season so rest assured she has a mini Telfar in her collection, in a bright color that she can throw on over her dresses for a night out on the town.