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The Gentle Chemical Exfoliator That Transformed My Skin In Three Days

My skin has literally never looked better.

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Bustle's wellness & beauty writer gives an honest Slurp Laboratories Decalt review.
10/10 Recommend
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Despite an enduring adoration for all forms of skin care, I’ve always been skeptical of using chemical exfoliants on my face. I’ve known that they worked, and that my oily, acne-prone, and uneven complexion would almost certainly appreciate their presence. But I also knew my skin was sensitive, and could react poorly if a product was too strong — as if often did with “acne-fighting” cleansers.

Thus, I surmised that the consistent use of chemical exfoliants was simply off the table. And even if it was technically an option — and one my aesthetician continually suggested, at that — I wasn’t willing to risk it. What if it made my skin worse? I had already reacted poorly to retinol, which isn’t a chemical exfoliant but acts a lot like one, so I opted to keep playing it safe.

For years, I simply accepted my pores’ fate as perpetually enlarged. But everything changed when I discovered Slurp Laboratories Decalt, an innovative liquid “decongestant” formulated with — gasp salicylic acid and polyhydroxy acid (aka, chemical exfoliants). Now, I’m a proud chemical exfoliant convert, and it certainly doesn’t hurt that my skin looks the best it has in decades.

First Up: The Basics

Decalt is one of just four products available from Slurp Laboratories, a South Korean brand with a uniquely innovative approach to skin care: Its products’ formulas are bioengineered to imitate sebum (the oil your skin naturally produces), to ensure deeper penetration, and thus, visibly transformative results. To translate: The products go undercover to help perfect your complexion from the inside.

Like all of Slurp’s products, Decalt had its molecular structure altered to mimic facial oil, meaning it was designed to seep and linger in pores. This is why it comes as a liquid that’s applied like a standard toner: Simply apply Decalt to the face with a cotton round (though your fingers are an option), allowing it to penetrate for 15 minutes before using other products. You can use it regularly three to four times a week, depending on how your skin tolerates it. For an especially congested area, you can hold the drenched cotton pad on it for 10-15 minutes once weekly.

You’d think a product promising to treat chronic congestion, enlarged pores, excess oil, and uneven skin texture would require something thicker, be harder to use, or at least sting a little bit. But miraculously, no: Slurp Laboratories Decalt took care of the aforementioned and more — all without aggravating my skin in the slightest. Despite its blend of salicylic acid and polyhydroxy acid (which work to remove dead skin cells and promote cellular turnover), volcanic ash, and Korean wormwood, it cleanses my pores of impurities while leaving my skin barrier unharmed.

Why I’m Obsessed

I was terrified to try this at first, completely convinced it would irritate my skin. But it seemed so promising, and I was genuinely captivated by the idea of bioengineered molecules, so I gave it a go. And I’m so glad I did, because now, I’m obsessed. First of all, the simple application makes it easy to commit. It also smells good without being overly fragrant; you barely notice it’s there.

But what really turned me into a fanatic were the results, of course. Within a few days of using Decalt, I noticed a significant difference in my skin’s texture. My acne had cleared up, and I could see a noticeable decrease in the size of my pores. Devoid of any adverse reactions, I kept using it.

Ever since, Decalt has become a consistent component of my skin care regimen, and my complexion is clearer than it has ever been. My hyperpigmentation is practically gone, my skin’s texture is smooth, and — for the first time in my adult life — my pores have decreased so much in size I can barely see them (especially on my nose, where they previously bothered me the most). I have truly never experienced such drastic results — only chemical peels and facials have come close.


Practically every new brand and product promises game-changing results. Slurp Laboratories’ Decalt actually delivered. My skin is so complicated — oily and acne-prone yet sensitive — and it managed to treat every skin concern I had (and those I didn’t even know I had), without inflaming my skin. It’s like a skin care dream come true in a bottle, and I can’t wait to see what the next few months of using this will bring. I only worry my facialist will think I’m seeing someone else.

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