20+ Sustainable & Eco-Friendly Gifts That Are Also Incredibly Useful

Festive gifting, without the carbon footprint.

by Sarah Lakos

If you're looking for sustainable Christmas gift ideas, you have come to the right place. 2020 has been a year of reflection and discussion on how individuals can have a positive impact on the environment. With this in mind, we're taking a pivot from festive gifting that will end up in landfill, or made from non-sustainable resources and processes and sharing greener gifting ideas. And these products aren't just for eco-warrior in your life – they’re for everybody!

Think kitchen accessories to reduce food waste, ways to improve bee, bug and butterfly diversity, cosy clothes and green-beauty ideas. And they all start from £5 – making many of these great stocking fillers, as well as gifts for under tree.

By shopping for eco-friendly gifts, you’re equipping friends and family with the tools to reduce their own carbon footprint in 2021. They’re all well priced items too (nothing is over £32), so you could put together an ‘eco pack’ for one lucky recipient.

Without further a-do, we hope you’re inspired by these sustainable, eco products to shop for festive gifting.

We only include products that have been independently selected by Bustle's editorial team. However, we may receive a portion of sales if you purchase a product through a link in this article.

The Gift Of Less Food Waste

This Brabantia Regrow Kit is a genius gift for those who are mindful of food waste. If you've been trying to regrow cabbage, lettuce and spring onions in dishes of water - this takes the fuss out of it. It comes with two dishes, and will look the part on any kitchen windowsill.

Give Back To The Bees

Your eco-warrior friend or family member will love this Bee Hotel. It encourages bug and insect diversity - giving all important pollinators somewhere to shelter in a garden or balcony.

Make Plans, Not Waste

This Zero Waste Journal is a great way to commit to a greener 2021. Pen down your 'swaps' and intentions - while picking up some practical tips along the way. It's a fabulous gift for friends who have already made some greener choices in 2020, and have commented on wanting to do more.

A Very Practical Gift Of Eco Toothbrushes

A toothbrush isn't usually this exciting - these Bamboo Toothbrushes are responsibly sourced, and biodegradable. Buy a pack and throw one in each stocking as a filler!

A Stocking Wildcard: Vegan, All Natural Toothpaste

While we're on the topic of toothbrushes - this Natural + Organic 'Toothsoap' is an easy eco-swap for your friends and family. While 'toothsoap' sounds unusual, it's made from organic olive oil and cocoa butter with no added glycerine. It does all the things toothpaste normally does foams while you brush, and! It's peppermint flavoured.

A Gift For Bees and Butterflies

Know a David Attenborough fan? These Seedboms will light up their face come Christmas morning. Specially selected seeds will bloom flowers and plants that are essential to bee and butterfly populations.

No More Single Cotton Pads

These reusable makeup remover pads are hands-down the product of 2020. If you know friends or family who don't use them already, this festive period is the perfect time to equip them with some. These are made from 100% bamboo, and this pack comes with 20 remover pads, a storage container and an organic cotton laundry bag.

A Gift For The Foodie

There are countless food items you can wrap these Beeswax papers with. Keep things fresh and safe in your fridge, or wrapped for travel. These are brilliant stocking fillers for everyone you are gifting this season.

Low-Impact Packaging, Delicious-Smelling Body Wash

REN's Anti-Fatigue Body Wash is a game-changer: it's made from 100% recycled plastic, and contains no metal spring in it's pump. Reviewers love the ethics behind the bottle, along with it's invigorating scent!

The Gift Of Fresh Brushes

Update your friend's and family's make-up brushes with this EcoTools pack. Made with bamboo handles, 100% cruelty-free synthetic bristles and recycled aluminium - they also come with a storage tray.

This Boyish, Natural-Fibre Nightshirt

This nightshirt just looks comfortable - and it is! It's made from natural, plant derived Lyocell fibres - sourced from ethically managed forests. While you're there, grab the matching trousers for an Annie Hall inspired pyjama set.

The Carry-Everything String Bag

These Turtle Bags string bags are a fabulous stocking filler for all your friends and family. They can hold up to 40 kilograms of weight, and mould around your various groceries and shopping. At £5 each, you can treat yourself one too.

The Gift Of Slave-Free, Fair Trade Chocolate

I had to include Tony's Chocolonely in this round up - because their out-of-this-world flavours are gift-worthy. But also, they work with communities in Ghana and the Ivory Coast in an effort to stamp out slave-trade in cocoa plantations. Tony Chocolonely has invested in those communities too, to give them a brighter and more sustainable future.

These Super Practical, Can't-Live-Without Pouches

I personally own about six Stacher pouches and think they'd make great gifts. I no longer need to use cling film with these at my finger tips in the kitchen.

The Gift Of Snuggly, Faux Fur Slippers

The lining and uppers of these cosy boots are made from recycled polyester as a part of John Lewis' Sustainable range.

A Toxin-Free, Vegan Nail Polish

Nailberry's toxin-free nail polish is equally good for the environment and you. It's 12-free, certified vegan and cruelty free, halal and breatheable. The only question, is which hue will you pick?

A Gift For Your Yogi Mate

Yoga blocks made from flip flops rescued from the ocean? Genius. Each block made recycles 21 flip-flops and provides essential employment in Kenya.

A Chic Travel Mug

A travel mug that also check boxes an obsession with typography? Yes please. Loving the proper-handle too.

A Gift Of Knowledge

There is SO much information out there about eco-living - and it can be tricky to know how to make a meaningful difference. This guide is a great start for anyone who wants to make 2021 their greenest year

A Chic Shopper Bag

You can never have too many plastic alternative bags, right? This is a particularly chic one, that has been handwoven from palm.