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Taylor Swift Hinted At "Cardigan" Merch Over A Year Ago

Mind blown.

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Taylor Swift's "Cardigan" video just dropped and some fans are joking that she's just trying to sell a — you guessed it — cardigan.

Swift wears the same long, wrinkled, white cotton nightgown for the entirety of the video. But at the end, she slips into a chunky white cable knit V-neck grandpa cardigan that is something many chic girls are adding to their repertoire as of late.

Cardigans — worn as jackets and even dresses — have made their way into the popular lexicon of the cool-girl fashion wardrobe for the past few seasons and show no sign of stopping.

Swift, however, doesn’t want you to wear just any old cardigan…she wants you to wear hers. Her chunky white cable knit V-neck grandpa cardigan, complete with black detail and silver stars on each arm, is currently being sold on her website for $49. It also comes with a digital standard album.

And some eagle-eyed Taylor Swift fans noticed that the singer gave the world a hint about "Cardigan" a year before the song was released. In 2019, she wore a Mr. Rogers pin on a magazine cover, and the childhood style icon was wearing a — you guessed it again — cardigan. Tay Swift leaves no stone unturned when it comes to her music and fashion rollouts.

A cardigan is not all she’s selling, however. Her new merch collection features a number of items that have supposed lyric-teasing, like the “I Knew You T-Shirt” and the “So Much For Summer Love Pullover.” For all that and more, shop the standout items below.

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The item of the moment, Taylor's chunky white cable knit V-neck grandpa cardigan features black detail and silver stars on each arm.


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