6 Last-Minute British Pop Culture Costumes For Halloween 2020

Because this year really has been scary.

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The 24-hour news cycle and social media has given us an endless stream of content this year, thanks in large part to the truly terrifying year we're all having. So picking out the best 2020 UK pop culture Halloween costumes may actually take a lot longer than you think. The options are seemingly endless. Luckily, I've compiled a list of the best ideas that are sure to make an impact on your Oct. 31 zoom parties.

The one thing about picking a costume for Halloween, especially if it's a pop culture reference, is that is absolutely has to be identifiable. Niche costumes are great but, I mean, who wants to spend ages explaining what they're dressed up as? Not me.

Another thing to remember when picking a pop-culture-related costume is that you can't be afraid to look a bit, well, unattractive. There are plenty of costume choices out there that will help you look Halloween, but make it fashion, but pop culture costumes are unlikely to. Instead, they're all about the comedy.

Keep reading for all the best pop culture gags you can riff off this Halloween.


Boris Johnson

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Get thee a blonde wig and start bumbling a lot. A good one if you have a suit and are in the mood to construct yourself a cardboard podium with the words "Hands, Face, Space" written on it in massive letters. Bonus points if you can persuade two friends to be Christ Whitty and Sir Patrick Vallance.


Toilet Roll

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Of all things you’d think people would fight over when they thought the world was over, did you think it would be loo roll? No me neither, so this Halloween why not dress yourself up as a 12 pack of loo roll? All you’ll need is an old box that you can draw the rolls on. You don’t want to waste the highly precious commodity that is actual loo rolls.


Dominic Cummings

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Making a bald cap shouldn't be too much of a challenge. You must have a swimming cap around somewhere and worst case scenario: you can just shave your head. Then all you need is an unironed shirt, slightly grubby and crumpled jeans/trackies, a pair of glasses, and a map of Barnard Castle.


Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift / Folklore

In one of the few positive news stories of the year, HRH Taylor Swift released an album, like out of nowhere. It was folksy and wholesome AF. Plus, taking cottagecore to the next level isn’t too tricky. Grab yourself a floaty dress, enormous jumper and/or oversized check coat à la Swift on the Folklore album cover. Special bonus for baking fresh bread.


Llandudno Goat

A white long-haired goat standing on a street in Llandudno, Wales

In one of the more fun news stories to come out of this year, a Welsh town was besieged by a herd of goats during lockdown. Yes, I love them too. So all you need to do is construct some horns and hooves out of cardboard and draw on a goat-ee (or just let the natural one grow out) and run amok at home.


Banana Bread

Michaela Maffia / EyeEm/EyeEm/Getty Images

If you haven’t made, eaten, or read about banana bread in 2020 then you must have been hiding under a rock. Banana bread became one of the great symbols of 2020. So why not nip to the local shop, grab a few old boxes, and construct an enormous, wearable slice of banana bread.