7 Best Press-On Nail Sets For Super Easy At-Home Manis

Intricate nail art, minus the faff.

With many of us now going into tier two and tier three of the government's new coronavirus alert system, things like booking in to get your nails done are becoming less and less likely. The ultimate self-care act, having a manicure can make you feel more confident, put together, and happy. It's a small pleasure that makes a real difference. With that said, these best press-on nails bring the manicure home, and for a fraction of the price. In short, they're the perfect alternative to high-end salon appointments (although let me just add that many small salons depend on your appointments so if it is still safe to do so and you have the cash, it's worth still booking in when possible!).

For those limited to the space of their own house, press-on nails are a good temporary option. They can look far more impressive and professional than just nail polish, and the myriad designs out there these days reduce the need to learn complicated nail art techniques.

Press-on nails are definitely having a revival right now too. While in previous years they may not have been considered the coolest beauty buy, that's all changed in 2020. So browse my edit of the best press-on nails, from simple nudes and french tips to intricate nail art. Most come with their own tubes of glue (aside from the pre-glued versions), as well as spares in case any of yours fall off.