An Honest Review Of The Outset's Exfoliating Caffeine Micro Polish

I put it to the test on my sensitive skin.

Bustle's beauty writer tried The Outset’s Exfoliating Caffeine Micro Polish, and reviewed how the sk...
Olivia Rose Ferreiro

In many aspects of my life, I’m on a mission to adapt a minimalist lifestyle, and in turn, be more mindful of my purchases (i.e. not wasting money on things I don’t need or just clutter my space). And with that new mindset, not only have I been curating a wardrobe of classic basics that are always-in, but I’ve been gathering a tried-and-true skin care routine that I know is powerful, clean, and a trusted constant for my more sensitive skin.

A brand that simply checks all the boxes IMO? The Outset — which is a range of thoughtful products that are akin to that plain white tee or second-skin denim that you can always count on to look (and feel) good. And while I’ve consistently used their entire range since it dropped back in March 2022, The Outset’s new Exfoliating Caffeine Micro Polish piqued my interest — especially as they’ve noted it can be used on the daily without irritating your complexion.

Though The Outset is founded by none other than Scarlett Johansson, the brand’s formulas quickly changed my mind about everything I thought I knew about celeb-fronted brands, because spoiler: They’re really, really good.

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Fast Facts

  • Price: $34
  • Rating: 5/5
  • Vegan & Cruelty-Free: Yes
  • What I Love: It leaves skin silky smooth, plump, invigorated, and balanced after consistent use.
  • What I Didn’t Like: Because I’m using it everyday, I’m going through the 3.3 fl oz bottle quicker than I’d like (aka I’m dreaming of a deluxe size ASAP).

The Outset Exfoliating Caffeine Micro Polish

With all of The Outset’s skin care products comes a promise: That the formula is consciously clean, cruelty-free, vegan, dermatologist and allergy-tested, created for those with sensitive skin in mind, and free of over 2,700 ingredients that may cause more harm than good.

In other words, ScarJo’s team worked hard to build an environment of trust.

Its newest Micro Polish touts the same standards, of course, and is a gentle exfoliator that is made with protective white tea, soothing chamomile, revitalizing caffeine, and a fine perlite mineral that sloughs away dry skin (without irritation or damage). And by renewing your skin’s surface and removing dead skin cells, the remainder of your skin care routine is able to absorb more effectively for maximum benefits.

When it comes to the Micro Polish, it’s a surprisingly flexible product that can adapt to your needs. For a more gentle scrub, use a dollop of product and massage it into slightly drier skin. For what feels more like a deep-cleaning facial in a bottle, massage a dollop into skin that’s wet (like, say, in the shower).

My Sensitive Skin

Though I am constantly testing new products and exposing my complexion to new ingredients, I have a lineup of must-have essentials I know I can always lean on to achieve balance and calm.

Though I am mostly blemish-free, I have pretty sensitive skin that responds most positively to clean, minimal, and mindful formulas. And while I do love to be surrounded by fabulous aromas and lovely scents — I’ve come to terms with the idea that fragrance and sensitive skin don’t really get along.

Some problems areas of note? My complexion tends to get pretty dry in some spots during the colder months, though my T-zone can get quite oily throughout the day. My under eyes can be puffy, and in general, I’m always looking to even any redness or discoloration I may have.

First Impressions

Olivia Rose Ferreiro

Right away, I immediately loved how sensorial the silky smooth the Micro Polish felt on my skin. Luxuriously creamy, notably gentle, and a serious treat at the end (or start) of my day, the exfoliant is ultra-tiny and really does polish the complexion with ease.

I do notice that I prefer to cleanse with a slightly larger dollop of product than other exfoliators I regularly use in my routine — and because the formula is suitable for daily use (unlike many others), I foresee myself going through the bottle rather quickly, which is something you may want to keep in mind.

Even after my first cleanse, my face felt noticeably more youthful and plump. And especially with consistent use, I’ve noticed an overall positive change in my skin that now craves a daily polish.

The Final Verdict & Results

My bare skin after using The Outset’s Exfoliating Caffeine Micro Polish religiously for two weeks.Olivia Rose Ferreiro

After around two weeks of using this Micro Polish every single day, my skin feels, in a word: balanced.

Not only has the product seamlessly made its way into my trusted routine of sensitive skin essentials, but the revitalizing scrub has become a satisfying step that I seriously look forward to. My skin looks juicier, my complexion feels softer and sans any dry spots, and my makeup applies smoother.

If you too are looking for skin care staples that give your regime power and ease: I highly recommend the Exfoliating Caffeine Micro Polish (and The Outset’s entire range, TBH).