13 Caffeine-Infused Eye Creams, Patches, & Serums For Puffy Under Eyes

Because it just makes sense.

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It’s National Coffee Day, cappuccino and cold brew connoisseurs — and in true beauty-loving fashion, that means it’s the perfect opportunity to gather some of the best caffeine-laced eye creams, patches, and serums on the market for your perkiest skin yet.

When it comes to skin care formulas, caffeine is all things revitalizing, awakening, and energizing. But on a deeper level, Dr. Hadley King, a dermatologist based in NYC, explains: “Caffeine can cause mild vasoconstriction of blood vessels in the under eye area, thereby decreasing under eye puffiness. [The ingredient] can also boost the microcirculation, which can help enhance the absorption of other ingredients.” In other words? Buh-bye pesky, puffy under eyes.

While caffeine is typically associated with coffee, the powerful antioxidant can also be derived from different herbal teas, such as black or green, for example. And similarly to the reviving nature of a cup of coffee or tea, when applied topically, caffeine provides short-term results that fade throughout the day. Though the ingredient is somewhat of a quick fix for mornings after wild, sleepless nights, it’s a welcome addition to already-beneficial formulas that are packed with skin-loving goodies.

In the mood for a little extra liveliness in your beauty and wellness routine? Here are 13 under eye products, from creams to concealers, that feature caffeine.

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