Here's Another Way To Use Dental Floss As An Eyeliner Hack

I am always seeking new products that help me achieve a perfect black eyeliner wing or flick... or at the very least, a guide that helps make this task easier. Vlogger and Internet makeup artist Sugar Ann used a dental floss pick as a winged eyeliner hack for the second (!!!) time and I am so inspired by her inventiveness. From the Vamp Stamp to beautyblender's Liner Designer to Kat Von D's super versatile Trooper Tattoo Liquid Liner pen, I am willing to wing it with anything available, especially a genius suggestion posed by an Insta MUA.

Sugar Ann, who goes by the "iamsugarcoated" handle, notes in her caption that she is "on the hunt" for different items to help her get that perfect wing. I am so a part of that hunting squad, sister! She admits that she was inspired to use dental floss by MUA Tom Pecheux at Anthony Vaccarello's Fall 2014 fashion show for her first dental floss hack in which she used the actual floss. Talk about taking it from the runway to IRL.

For this, Sugar Ann's second dental floss hack, she used the dental floss pick's tip as a guide, rather than the floss itself. She also warns anyone attempting this hack to be careful, since this dental hygiene device does have a pointy tip and you are using it near your precious eyes.

Who knew that dental floss picks had an additional purpose beyond cleaning your teeth and dislodging particles of food? For this hack, Sugar Ann painted the tip with product.

She then carefully pressed the liner-dipped tip against the sides of her eyes, creating a slaytastic wing.

"It was easy for me since I only had to film the mini video tutorial once," Sugar told Bustle via email when we asked her this hack was as simple as Instagram made it seem.

She explained the difference between using the floss itself and the pick as a wing guide, telling us, "The good thing with using the dental floss as a stamp is you will be able to control how long you want your winged liner. This will be a good guide and starting point to everyone who wants to slay their winged liner."

Watch the new hack!

This is her previous dental floss eyeliner hack, which involved painting the actual floss itself with liner and gingerly placing it next to her eye to create the wing.

Your dentist will be happy if you buy floss for your teeth. You and your makeup-obsessed besties will love using it for keeping teeth clean and for creating liner flicks. That's added value and more for your money!