TikTokers Are Sending Ex's Names To This Genius Tattoo Artist For Cover-Up Ideas

It doesn’t have to be a permanent mistake.

TikTokers are sending their ex's names to this tattoo artist for low-budget cover up ideas. The vide...

There are many cautionary tales of getting certain types of ink and arguably, getting your partner’s name tattooed on your body is very high on that list. So what are you to do when the relationship ends and you’re now stuck with an ex’s name tattooed on your body? One tattoo artist has taken to TikTok — naturally — to show genius (and low-budget) cover-up ideas.

Meet @Imnttechofficial. The New Mexico-based tattoo artist has countless of videos with ways you can cover up an ex's name on a budget. Covering unwanted ink with completely new art can get pricey and be more painful, so @Imnttechoffical shows quick changes to the written ink that you can do with minimal effort. With over 72 thousand followers and 5 million likes alone, the pro’s videos are going viral on the platform.

On a white piece of paper, @Imnttechoffical shows followers a name written in simple text. Then with a sharpie, they show how the name can be transformed into to a new word. For example, the name Justin (@Imnttechofficial comments that many people have requested that particular name) is quickly changed to a cursive script that reads “pastime.” It’s pretty and simple, perfect for those especially who love their hobbies.

If you don’t see your ex’s name in a vid, you can drop a request and you might be lucky enough to get a response. It appears that @Imnttechofficial reads comments often and takes on many of these asks.

When you’re in love, you’re prone to do impulsive things (no judgment, everyone’s been there). So if you’ve recklessly decided to get a tattoo of your now ex’s name somewhere on your body, no need to go get bigger ink or book a laser removal appointment if you don’t want to. Thanks to @Imnttechofficial, you might find a more simple and more cost-effective solution to fixing that mistake.