How A Celebrity Makeup Artist Keeps His Skin Glowing On-The-Go

Vincent Oquendo shares the skin care products he counts on during a week of non-stop travel.

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In Bustle’s video series 7 Days of Skin, tastemakers take us through seven days of their skin care routines—the products they count on to keep their skin looking 10/10 through work, rest, and play.

Celebrity makeup artist Vincent Oquendo is a master in the art of makeup. With celeb clients like Jurnee Smollett, Nina Dobrev, and Laura Harrier, plenty of iconic red carpet moments under his belt (like this red lip on Candice Swanepoel) plus a stint on Project Runway as the show’s lead makeup artist, it’s safe to say that his beauty prowess is unmatched.

As a true beauty guru, Oquendo knows that your beauty routine doesn’t begin with makeup, but starts off with what’s going on underneath — namely, your skin. Good skin care habits are incredibly important in making sure your skin is happy, healthy, and moisturized, and Oquendo always preps his clients skin to ensure a flawless base for makeup application. Along the way, he’s built an impressive skin care routine of his own — one that is able to help keep his own skin in shape through early call-times, frequent flying, and his all-around jet set lifestyle.

In this installment of Bustle’s 7 Days of Skin, Vincent Oquendo shares his skin care routine through a week in his life — from prepping a client for an early-morning television appearance to the opening of The EDITION Hotel in Tampa, Florida. Watch the video for the products he counts on to look well-rested, then shop them below.


Oquendo starts off the week by using the True Botanicals Ginger Tumeric Cleansing Balm. He said he loves this product because of how it easily it fits in his busy lifestyle. “I never have enough time to do anything, even to wash my face sometimes, and this is gonna help me cleanse my skin so I look fresh for all my Zoom appointments,” he says. After using the cleansing balm, Oquendo pats it off with a warm, wet towel and is ready to continue his work day.


Starting off with a single drop of Lumify Redness Reliever Eye Drops in each eye, he continues with the glow-boosting True Botanicals Pure Radiance Oil to combat dryness or dullness he might experience during his early call times. Oquendo makes sure to extend the product all the way down his neck and even into his hair “just because I love to glow,” he says.


Hopping on a flight doesn’t mean Oquendo’s skin care hits pause. On a flight, he keeps his lips moisturized with the hydrating Ourself Lip Conditioner. He also understands that skin care doesn’t stop at your neck; Oquendo keeps his cuticles moisturized during the flight using the Chanel La Créme Main Hand Cream.


For a light exfoliation Oquendo reaches for the French Farmacie Elixir Exfoliant — an oil that gently resurfaces the skin with AHAs and enzymes. He follows up with the Monastery Attar Floral Repair Concentrate — a buttery balm to moisturize his lips and face.


To wake up tired eyes after a flight, Oquendo reaches for the Clarins Total Eye Lift. Before he prepares to do glam on his clients, he uses the Byredo Vetyver Hand Wash, a product he keeps in his pocket all the time to make sure his hands are clean and fresh-smelling before applying makeup on his client’s faces.


Who says skin care has to be intensive? In a car on his way to work, Oquendo wears the Klorane Eye Mask patches and the Toyos Antioxidant Gel for a quick skin pick-me-up in tranist.


While relaxing on the couch after a long week, Oquendo wears the Loops Night Shift Face Mask and finishes off with the Mario Badescu Rosewater Mist for ultimate relaxation.

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