Bolt Beauty's Seaweed Skincare Capsules Could Be The Ultimate Travel Purchase

And they've also got the seal of approval from TikTok's Skincare By Hyram.

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Bolt Beauty capsules
Bolt Beauty
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Beauty TikTok has come a long way since 2020, almost taking over from Instagram as the go-to app for viral products, top skincare advice, and wacky trends. And some products that have recently caught my eye on the platform are Bolt Beauty's seaweed skincare capsules, which have been approved by none other than Skincare By Hyram. Let's take a look and see how they work.

Bolt Beauty was created in order to make our skincare routines easier and more sustainable. The brand has a small edit of four core products, all of which are capsule-based. There's a cleanser, moisturiser, and two serums, all of which range from £35 to £50. And although that price point might sound expensive, remember you get 100 single-dose capsules in each jar. The single dose nature of these also means the perfect amount of product in each application, so no waste or faff.

What's more, the capsules are the perfect antidote to plastic, as they're totally biodegradable. The product is encased in a recycled shell made from seaweed, and after use, you can dispose of them by dissolving in boiling water or popping them on your compost heap.

Once travel is back on the menu, Bolt's products are a great option for on-the-go too, as they're small and light to pack in your case. You can also buy stackable options, meaning the outside jars can be condensed down even more.

As previously mentioned, these capsules have been praised by Skincare By Hyram, whose TikTok page has more than six million followers.

Hyram shared a duet video talking about Bolt Beauty's capsules, mentioning he thinks the fact they are protected from air and light in the capsule casing is great, as they won't ever go off or lose effectiveness. He prefers the fragrance-free formulas, which are the moisturiser and the Vitamin A Game serum capsules.

Hyram is not the only one on TikTok to mention these though; they're doing the rounds right now on the platform, with plenty of positive reviews.

I can't wait to give these a try!

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