45 Clever Wardrobe Organisers For £32 and Under

Channel your inner Marie Kondo with these

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By Amy Lucisano and Sarah Lakos

If you're looking for ideas on how to organise your wardrobe, you've come to the right place. We scoured Amazon for 45 clever items Amazon users rave about. These include clothes storage boxes, drawer dividers, tidy hanging bags, shelves and more. The best part? There's nothing on this list over £32.

Before you pull out your clothing, shoes and accessories - take a look at how you can use the wardrobe space and drawers better. Also consider how correctly hanging and folding items can help protect and extend the life of your favourite wardrobe items (including packing them away in suit bags for next season).

We think Marie Kondo would agree: there are few things in life that give you the same satisfaction from decluttering and re-organising your wardrobe. It's an 'all is right with the world' vibe, sprinkled with 'I'm an adult' self congratulatory nod.

Go on, begin the next season with a supremely organised wardrobe (or dresser!), and find inspiration via these clever items from Amazon.

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The Essential Pack Of Drawer Dividers

This four-pack of fabric drawer dividers are not only great value (under £20!) they're also super versatile. Shaped to fit bras, pants, socks belts, and accessories - everything has place!

Economic, Space Saving Hangers

Make your hanging space work even harder, with this 'drop down' hanging attachment. This 10 pack of durable plastic hangers instantly creates more space, without crushing your clothes.

Amazon Reviewer Love This Sensor Light

Light up your dark wardrobe with one or two of these sensor lights. A whopping eleven thousand reviewers gave this sensor light five stars. On automatic mode, it can last up to three weeks and is easily charged with a USB cord.

A T-Shirt Organiser You Never Knew You Needed

The general consensus from reviewers? "Brilliant item, does what it says on the box." Which is exactly what you want from this t-shirt organiser.

XL Cubes To Store Bulky Clothes In

Need to store away away knits, puffer coats, scarfs? Three three-ply, heavy duty bags allow your clothing to breathe, while protecting them from dust.

A Handy Hanging Shelf

This unit turns hanging space into useful pockets of space. At 30cm wide, it'll fit most wardrobes and help keep your socks, undergarments and other smaller clothing items organised.

Everyone Needs A T-Shirt Folding Board

Love going into shops with *perfectly* folded t-shirt tables? Get the same effect with this folder, that guides your in three steps to crisply folded tees.

A Place For All Your Jewellery

This 4-tier cylinder stacks neatly when closed and provides you with plenty of storage to keep precious treasures safe (no more single earrings).

The Bigger Drawer Dividers

These six fabric drawer dividers come in a range of larger sizes so you can configure any drawer that needs organising. Made from a non woven fabric for endurance, they also protect your clothing from dust and moths.

The Additional Shelf Maker

If you have lots of 'air space' in above your clothes, these under-shelf baskets will transform that space. Reviewers love the practicality and easy-install of this product. Two for less than £15 makes this a bargain buy.

The Off-The- Floor Shoe Organiser

This is a great solution if you A. Have a lot of shoes, and B. Don't have a lot of floor space. Plus, dust won't gather all over your nice shoes in these over-door pockets.

Protect Your Assets

If you're putting away summer dresses, or winter coats - consider buying these extra-wide clothing cover bags. They protect against moisture and dust. Being transparent, you can easily see whats inside before you have to dive in!

The Stackable Shoe Box

Don't know what to do with your shoes? Stack them in these durable plastic, fold-away shoes boxes. Reviewers love them for being light weight and easy to see the the contents. Line them up under your bed frame, or stack high in a wardrobe space.

Make Your Own Shelves

Create your own shelving with these stackable organisers. You can pull them out like drawers too, making it really easy to access to folded items. And when you're done, or have to move - they flat pack!

The Handy Hook

Sick of your chair-drobe? Need somewhere to hand today's clothes? This over-door, no-screw hook is perfect for rental properties. It's strong too - made from chrome-finished metal. Put two side-by-side and you'll always have somewhere to hang up belt, dressing gowns or hats!

Dividers For Unusual Sized Drawers

These expandable drawer dividers are idea for non-standard drawers. They adjust from 13 to 22 inches long, and will help keep your accessories, socks or underwear in check. Made from plastic, they're easily cleaned too.

The Easy-Grab Shoe Organiser

This transparent shoe organiser makes it super easy to know what option you have in front of you. At £10 it's a great rpice too.

The Tension Shelf For Anywhere

These tension shelves come in a variety of sizes - so you can add a full size extra shelf to any cupboard lacking shelves. The tension locking system is super-strong, so can hold up shoe boxes or heavy bags.

Keep Those Boots Up

Take extra care of your knee-high winter boots with these 'boot stands'. They're super easy to store flat when not in use, And will stop your boots from falling over in your wardrobe.

The Cube Storage Boxes

These super versatile, fabric cube boxes keep things neatly together. The handle is great for up-high spaces, and categorising your items too.

The Scarf Organiser

Make more space by storing your scarves on this looped hanger. It'll fit along any hanging rail, and keep your scarves crease-free.

The 'Special' Shoe Box

Have a pair of *very* special shoes you want to keep in pristine condition? This hard-plastic shoe box with lid is the perfect place for wedding shoes, or really delicate footwear.

The Cylinder Box

Keep an eye on hats, purses or accessories with these handy clear plastic storage boxes with lids. Easily stackable, they'll keep the dust away from your favourite wardrobe items.

The Extra Lond Garment Bag

These garment bags are 140cm long - which means your long winter coat, or special evening dress won't get crushed in storage. They'll also be protected from moths and dust!

Little Compartments For Little Things

These drawer dividers are specifically for underwear - giving a space for each time, so you can easily see whats there at first-glance. Your bras won't get crushed either, as there's long compartments to lay them flat too!

Shine Some Light With These

These incredibly handy three motion sensor lights are battery powered, and attach to the inside of drawers, cupboards or walls via a removable magnet. Which means you can easily find the perfect spot for them, without worrying about wiring or drilling holes.

Non-Toxic Moth Control

So you've tidying your wardrobe - now keep pests at bay with these non-toxic cedar hanging blocks. As they lose their sent, give them a light sanding to make them potent to fibre-eating moths.

Pack Away Seasonal Boots

Ready to wear sandals and summer shoes? Pack away boots and stack them in your wardrobe until next season. rThese boot boxes also come in handy for handbags.

A Way To Create Even More Storage

No more room in your wardrobe? Reclaim the space under your bed with these extra large storage bags.

The Perfect Knee-High Boot Holders

Have long boots that need support to stand up in your shoe rack? These extra long boot shapers will not only maintain the shape of your favourite leather knee-highs, they'll help keep your shoes tidy!

Flat Pack With Vacuum Bags

Bulky knitwear can be put away at the back of your shelf in one of these vacuum storage bags. As they're plastic, they'll protect your clothes from moths and damp. This pack also comes with a hand-pump so you can vacuum out the air without a hoover.

This set of narrow drawers are best suited for your favourite sunglasses. It'll protect your lenses from scratches and dust, and is the perfect slimline shape to fit on a shelf with other storage boxes.

Heavy Shoe Holder

If you have really heavy heels or boots, this reinforced organiser might be for you. It's also nice a slim, so will fit in more narrow wardrobes.

A Very Useful Shelf

This coat rack with shelf will help organise your coats, accessories and 'out-the-door' items. It's slim enough to install on a wardrobe door, or in a hallway.

The Fish Bowl Storage Box

We love these for two reasons. You can see everything folded neatly inside. And! They fold flat when they're not needed. So handy, we'll buy two packs.

A Bargain Shoe Organiser

Have plenty of hanging space, but no where for shoes? This £10 hanging organiser will keep your favourite kicks up off the floor, and in high rotation (you won't forget about them at eye height!)

A Boujie Jewellery Organiser

This chic and handy velvet tray will keep your jewellery untangled, and untarnished. Its narrow enough to fit into most drawers, and if you need two, they'll neatly stack atop each other.

The Sunglasses Safe Keeper

Store up to 9 pairs of sunglasses in this display case, keeping them safe from scratches or getting bent out of shape.

The Trusty Tie Hanger

At £5 this tie hanger is a bargain. It cal also be used for silk scarfs and will hang neatly in your wardrobe between clothing.

A Solid Wood Belt Hanger

If your belts are looped in a drawers, it's time to free up some space by hanging them in your wardrobe. If you're trying to reduce the amount of plastic in your home, this belt hanger is made from furniture-grade Mahogany Wood. It holds 14 belts, and keeps your buckles safe from tarnishing.

Handy Honeycomb Accessories Organiser

This honeycomb organiser is perfect for underwear, socks, pocket squares, sunglasses, gloves and the list goes on! It's made of plastic, so appropriate for cosmetics too. It'll help keep any dresser drawer in check, and pairs of things (we're looking at you, socks) together.

Turn Shallow Space Into Hanging Space

Transform a shallow cupboard into hanging space by sliding one of these on to a shelf above. This way, you'll be able to hang clothing front-facing. Voila!

With these items you'll be able to transform dead-space into useful space and your favourite accessories and clothing will be protected for years to come. Go forth and organise!