Cleanfluenced: Getting Rid Of Hair In Your House

In the first of a new series, Charlie Mock looks at the best products for cleaning a household overrun with hair.

A composite image of a vacuum cleaner, mr muscle drain unblocker, and a washing up gloved-hand with ...

If there’s one thing I’ve been through lockdown, it’s cleanfluenced. When you’ve got this much time to look at the same four walls, it’s no surprise that dust starts to appear in places you’ve never seen it before. I’ve noticed marks on paint. I’ve found tiny food splatters on semi-hidden kitchen tiles. I’ve been distracted by multifarious cables that are, more often than not, redundant in the wider scheme of our household.

So, like many, I took it upon myself to clean, organise, and clear out. As of the last few months, we have glass jars, cable tidies, plastic boxes, labelling systems categorised with tiny little symbols, we even have reusable cleaning cloths made out of old Disney nighties from Primark. Reader, wiping three ingredient pasta sauce off of the hob with the repeated image of Marie’s (Aristocats, of course) gleeful little face does not get old.

As you can probably tell I’m feeling somewhat smug. Armed with an Instagram feed of cleanfluencers and some hapless confidence, I’ve begun my journey to divine cleanliness.

While I won't pretend to know the cleanfluencing community well just yet —nor do I possess even an iota of their savvy — I’ve been profoundly delighted by it. The kindness and positivity shared between women (because really, this is largely a community built and frequented by women) reclaiming the joy of owning the space they’re in is empowering, infectious, and heartwarming, even from a distance.

So, as lockdown eases and trips to B&M resume, I’m making it my mission to continue down this path. Here I am world, ready to be cleanfluenced.

First up in this new series for Bustle UK, I'm tackling hair. It appears daily, wafting around after me as I breeze into the kitchen for my third Babybel of the day, gathering in corners and sticking to the bottom of my slippers. As a household of hair-malters – my boyfriend and I have almost matching very thick bobs – staying on top of clusters and getting rid of clogging is a perennial problem. The below products have been nothing short of essential in that (very hairy) department.