An Honest Review Of Comrad's Compression Socks

They’re not just for long flights.

How Comrad compression socks upgraded my wellness game.
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When you think about compression socks, you might envision rows of people on a long-haul flight who are trying to improve their circulation. But you can actually wear compression socks every day — and for reasons beyond travel. Whether you’re sitting, standing, or taking a long walk, turns out that everyone’s calves could benefit from a little squeeze.

That’s why for the past two weeks I’ve been wearing compression socks from Comrad, a Los Angeles-based brand that offers “wearable wellness” in the form of funky, colorful knee-highs that are designed to boost your energy, comfort, and support. Also called compression stockings, these types of socks put pressure on your legs in just the right way to improve blood flow, which in turn offers all sorts of other benefits you’d never expect from something you pull out of your underwear drawer.

Well, as it turns out — I’m a believer in the church of compression. Not only has my pair of Comrads made a nice addition to my ever-growing sock collection, but they actually did make a huge difference in how I felt while sitting for long hours at my desk, working out, walking, and more. Keep reading for my honest review of the Comrad compression socks, an unexpected addition to my wellness game.

Fast Facts

  • Price: $32.00
  • Best for: Leg support, energy, focus
  • My rating: 5/5
  • What we like: Easy to use, comfortable

What Are Compression Socks?

Compression socks are just that: tight, snug socks that compress your legs. Countless studies have shown that wearing compression socks boosts and improves your circulation by gently squeezing your calves so blood doesn’t pool at your feet. The pressure is said to minimize your chance of circulation problems, inflammation, and swelling, especially if it’s graduated pressure. According to Comrad, graduated pressure is the most effective form of compression because it squeezes different parts of your leg in different ways for optimal circulation. Typically, it’s tighter at the ankles and gets looser as it goes up your legs to help blood flow freely. Whether you’re standing, sitting, or exercising, compression socks can help prevent leg soreness by reducing lactic acid buildup, too.

What To Know About Comrad

Unlike other compression socks, Comrad’s are cute and colorful, so they’re easier to wear than more drab pairs while you’re out and about. (Like with a pair of Birkenstocks? Omg.) The socks have lots of sizes and a pinch-free design, so they’re way comfier than your average stockings. They’re also made with recycled materials, manufactured with solar-powered energy, and they’re shipped with 100% recyclable and compostable packaging — so they’re friendly to the planet.

You can shop by looking for a specific need — everyday, medical, performance — by sock height, and by how tight you want them to be. Comrad is often recommended to exercisers, travelers, pregnant people, folks who have edema, or anyone else who’s totally over their swollen legs (me!).

The Experience

The first thing to know about compression stockings is that they’re obviously way tighter than your average pair of fluffy socks. When I first pulled my Comrads on, it felt like I was stepping into super tight yoga pants, but only on the bottom half of my legs. They weren’t pinchy or uncomfortable though.

To get them on, you’re supposed to roll the socks down — kind of like when you scrunch up tights or leggings — stick your toes in, and then pull the length of the sock up your calf. I may have broken a mini sweat on the first go-round, but I slid them on with ease every time after that.

My Galaxy-colored Comrad socks are meant for everyday wear with 15 to 20 mmHG, aka a light level of Comrad’s graduated compression pressure. I have several pairs that I wore for a few hours during the day, during my post-work exercise classes, and on long walks with my dog.

The Results

juanma hache/Moment/Getty Images

Kind of like a good back crack or a glass of water, the extra support from the compression socks was something I didn’t know I needed till I experienced it. I fell in love with the light squeeze right away — it felt like a hug for my legs — and I even noticed that I was a bit more focused at work. Maybe it was due to the extra blood flow?

I sit a lot as I work during the day, but also do a lot of walking around my city. Comrad’s compression socks are meant to benefit both situations — they’re great for “pavement pounders” or folks whose legs get tired while they’re out and about, according to the brand. And I found that to be true. Typically, my gams feel heavy and sore after a 10,000-step stroll around town or a trek to the grocery store. But when I got back home after wearing compression socks, I peeled them off to reveal feet that were as fresh as a daisy — and no swelling in sight.

If you’re looking to up your wellness game, I’d say compression socks are an easy way to make yourself feel a little bit better. The fact that Comrad socks are cute is just a bonus.

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