10 People Share Their Top 10 Dating App Icks

Apparently, a single dead fish is one too many.

Dating app icks, as picked by real online daters.

After about a decade of using dating apps, it seems many people have had it when it comes to certain “icky” behaviors. Swiping through the same dating pool for years, especially if you’ve been single and lived in one location for a while, will no doubt have you racking up a list of dating app “icks”. What is an “ick,” you ask? Essentially, according to TikTok — on which there are over 244 million views under the phrase — an ick is a turn-off that you truly can’t come back from. Whether it’s being a lousy tipper at a restaurant or having bad hygiene habits, there are plenty of characteristics that can easily turn things sour — and straight into permanent icks. Just take it from online daters themselves.

Recently, Bustle conducted a poll on social media asking what people’s top icks were when they’re swiping on dating apps (you know, for science), and the responses were almost overwhelmingly instantaneous. Apparently, lots of people have very strong opinions when it comes to what others put in their bio, or the nature of the pictures on their profile… especially when that “nature” is deceased. All identities and sexual orientations were included under a large age range, so rest assured that this unofficial survey cast a wide net.

Whether you’re putting together a Tinder bio for the first time or just want to see if other people are just as grossed out about toothpaste specks on every dude’s bathroom mirror as you are, here are real people’s top 10 dating app “icks”.


Dead Fish Pics… Or Pics With Anything Dead, Really


The most common response? The majority of online daters can’t stand to see pictures of others holding dead animals. Maybe consider featuring a live one, like a cute puppy instead.


Shirtless/Gym Selfies

Staying fit and healthy is great, and it’s OK to be proud of your gym gains — but, according to many dating app users, only posting selfies from the locker room (especially shirtless ones) seems to ward them off.


Listing Out “Requirements” For A Partner In Their Bio

Especially when they’re physical “requirements,” it seems that most people who responded really don’t appreciate it when others use their bio to list out all the things that their matches “need” to meet.


Inaccurate Photos

Whether it’s all heavily filtered Snapchat pictures or photos that are clearly from several years ago, maybe avoid filling your profile with photos that don’t represent how you actually look.


Selfies In A Dirty Mirror Or Room


Clean your rooms, folks — many people reported that pictures taken in an unkempt environment are major turn-offs, so think twice next time you want to selfie in front of that laundry pile.


Only Group Photos, And/Or No Face Photos

Your pictures are the first thing anyone sees on your dating app profile, so make sure that you’re front and center in them. Many people Bustle polled are annoyed at the use of only group photos where it isn’t clear who the person is, or profiles with no face photos in them at all.


Negativity In Their Bio

No one likes a negative Nancy — especially people reading a dating app bio. You’re not alone if you’re tired of seeing “Don’t waste my time,” “No hookups,” or any other option that makes someone sound totally bitter.


Having Alcohol In Every Picture

Although many people can appreciate a good spicy marg or craft beer, having an alcoholic bev in every single picture is apparently a turn-off for a lot of online daters.


Referring To Women As “Females” In Their Bio

Enough said. Major “ick” factor, indeed.


Putting “Just Ask” As Their Bio

Getty Images/Brothers91

Without at least a sentence or two in your bio, what are people supposed to “ask” about? That was a question on the minds of many respondents.