11 Erector Spinae Muscles Exercises That'll Improve Your Posture

Stand more upright and experience less back pain.

Exercises for the erector spinae muscles that'll help improve your posture.


The erector spinae muscles that run down the spine are important for posture and everyday movements like twisting or bending, says trainer Katie Mack. Doing erector spinae muscles exercises can help with back pain and improve your power during exercise. Here are some to try.


Seated Dumbbell Good Mornings

Mack recommends this move to target the erector spinae.

- Sit on the edge of a bench.

- Hold a pair of dumbbells between thighs.

- Lean forward.

- Lower dumbbells to floor.

- Maintain a flat back, raise back up.

- Do 3-4 sets of 10-12 reps.