13 Flirty Voice Notes To Send Someone You’re Dating

#7 will definitely have them blushing at their work desk.

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how to send a flirty voice note to someone you're dating.

When you first start dating someone new, seeing their name pop up in your notifications can bring on those fluttery feelings. After a while, however, texts from your partner can start to feel somewhat mundane. In those moments, it’s a good idea to find alternatives, says certified relationship coach and TikTok creator Asia E. Smith, who goes by @itsasiaelaine on the app.

“Most people text as their main form of communication but voice messages are a unique and underrated tool that people should take advantage of more,” Smith tells Bustle. “It’s more convenient than being tied to a call, but more intimate than sending a text. Voice messages allow your personality to shine through — your tone of voice, your laugh, your sass, your charm, your wit are all on display.” Once enough time has passed in a partnership, it’s possible to forget to keep “wooing” each other from time to time. Sending a meaningful voice note can encourage that to change.

Sending a message using your voice can also promote a deeper connection with your long-term partner, says Smith. “Sending voice notes throughout the day when you’re apart is a better way to communicate because hearing your partner’s voice is much more intimate than reading a text. It’s all about building, but also maintaining that intimacy and connection.”

If you’re worried about sounding awkward or aren’t sure what to say, below, Smith shares 13 ideas for voice notes to send to someone you’re dating.


A Sweet “Good Morning” Message To Get Their Day Started

Whether you keep it short and simple (“Good morning! I hope you have a great day today!”) or opt to personalize (“I know you’ve been stressed lately, but I have a feeling that today is going to be a great one. I believe in you!”), hearing your voice first thing in the morning is bound to bring a smile to their face.


Recall A Sweet Memory You Share Together

Try choosing a recent weekend getaway you went on together, or a cozy at-home date night that meant a lot to you. Expressing how grateful you are for the time you share with your partner goes a long way.


Share A Cute Story About Your Day To Make Them Smile

It’s important not to forget that our partners enjoy hearing about even the little things in our day, especially when they’re spent apart. It will mean even more to them knowing that they were the person you wanted to share this story with, in your own voice.


Describe In Sexy Detail What You’re Wearing

Try sending this shortly before they get home, or prior to meeting them for happy hour after work. Once you’re alone together, they won’t be able to keep their hands off you.


Wish Them Good Luck On An Interview Or Big Meeting

Pep talks may seem minor, but everyone needs encouraging words sometimes. Sending a voice note letting your partner know you believe in them and their abilities could make a world of difference in their mindset going into such an event.


Simply Ask How Their Day Is Going

More personal than sending a short text, this could be the start of a sweet tradition between the two of you — and it’s a great way to brighten both of your days.


Tell Them About A Steamy, Sexy Dream You Had About Them

Be sure to give them a heads up that this NSFW note requires headphones, but then run wild with it! Getting this message as a surprise might boost their confidence (and set you up for a sexy night of fun).


A Silly Or Loving Voice Note Singing A Song To Them

Whether you made a goofy jingle yourself, or you just want to make them smile, this is a unique and fun way to show them that they’re on your mind.


Share A Fantasy With Them That You Haven’t Told Anyone

You could tease your partner by texting them, “Can I tell you something I haven’t told anyone? Make sure you’re alone” before sending this sexy voice note. They’ll definitely be eager to make your fantasy come true ASAP.


Tell Them What You Would Do If They Were Lying Next To You

If your partner heads out to work before you, this could have them grinning from ear to ear on their commute. Get into detail with it if you’re feeling extra frisky, and have them reciprocate with a note of their own if they’re able to.


Send Them A Grocery/Errand List In A Voice Note

When you live with your partner, it’s easy for your day-to-day routines to become monotonous. Next time you send them out to grab something from the store, try sending a funny voice note describing what you need, with hilarious commentary (For example, “Please don’t forget to grab the rosé … you know how pink wine gets me feeling frisky”). It might even encourage them to run errands for you more often if they know those notes are coming.


A “Last Night Was Amazing” Voice Note

Get specific with what you really liked about your steamy tryst, and you’ll have them replaying it in their head all day. This is also a great way to communicate what you might want more of in the bedroom.


An “I Can’t Wait Until Tonight” Voice Note For An Upcoming Date

Having regular date nights is important for any couple, as is keeping them exciting and fresh. It’s never a bad idea to let your partner know that they still give you butterflies.


Asia Elaine Smith, certified relationship coach and TikTok creator

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