28 Apps & Livestreams For Free At-Home Workouts

Including everything from yoga to boxing.

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If you have a fitness routine at all, it likely involves actually leaving the house. But many exercise apps, gyms, and studios responded to COVID-19 with free online workouts, including livestream fitness classes and app trials you can use to exercise from the comfort of your home while social distancing.

"As you break out of your normal routine and spend more time at home, you also might find that you’re moving less and sitting more than you’re used to, causing added physical tension in your body," says Paul Javid, CEO of yoga, fitness, and mindfulness platform Alo Moves. "Movement and exercise in general are so important to help keep your energy levels up, keep you focused and productive, and boost your mood." He adds that exercising can also keep you tethered to a semblance of a routine while you're stuck at home indefinitely.

Gyms or workout classes can be a huge source of community for people, and losing access to that is tough. But social distancing does not mean social isolation, clinical psychologist L. Kevin Chapman, Ph.D. tells Bustle. "Being alone is not necessarily the same as being lonely, since we have the capacity to connect with others in the face of social distancing." You can help maintain the social connections you get in your regular workout class with these 28 fitness communities that are opening their virtual doors for free.


Work Out With Shay Mitchell On Openfit For A Month

This is not a pretty little lie: Join Shay Mitchell on digital fitness platform Openfit for "4 Weeks of Focus," a monthlong series of full-body workouts and meal plans. Start your 14-day free trial today to snag a behind-the-scenes look at Shay's program before it officially debuts on Openfit later this year, or try out the platform's other offerings, which include barre, yoga, boxing, resistance training, and more. Once your trial ends, you can purchase a year's membership for $8/month ($96 total) or $39 three-month subscriptions.


Planet Fitness Home Work-Ins For All

Gym chain Planet Fitness is offering everyone (even non-members) the chance to participate in live and on-demand "Home Work-Ins," according to their Facebook page. Or you can catch one of the gym's 20-minute workouts on demand so you can join a welcoming fitness community whenever you need. Already a member? Planet Fitness announced on Facebook on March 20 that you will not be charged dues for any days that the gym is closed.


Free Yoga With Down Dog For Students, Teachers, & Healthcare Professionals

Whether you want to download Down Dog's HIIT, Yoga for Beginners, or 7-Minute Workout app, you can do so for free through Feb. 1. "We believe that stressful times like these are precisely when people need wellness practices the most, and we are committed to doing our part to help out," the Down Dog yoga app team posted on their website. And if you're a student or teacher wanting to work out for free, you can register for complimentary access through July 1, 2021 (and just email the team if your school doesn't have an .edu address so you can get this benefit). Healthcare professionals will also be able to access Down Dog Yoga for free until July 1, 2021.


600 Free Videos From Fitness Blender

Joining the Fitness Blender community will give you access to over 600 free workout videos and an online network of fitness-friendly instructors. While you can't hit up the gym, checking out this content might be just what you need to get you through social distancing.


Live And On-Demand 7-Day Free Trial Classes With obé fitness

With over 100 live classes per week, obé fitness is offering a seven-day free trial for their live and on-demand workouts, which include daily 28-minute workouts and 10-minute express workouts for when you're crunched for time. After your free trial, membership is $27/month.


14-Day All-Access Free Trial With Fhitting Room

Need to bring some high-intensity interval training into your quarantine life? Fhitting Room has got you covered with their 14-day all-access trial. It offers free customizable at-home workouts and videos that will teach you proper exercise form. After your free two weeks, maintaining your membership will cost $19.99/month.


14-Day Free Trial With The Sculpt Society

"Just because we’re working out from home doesn’t mean we are working out alone," Megan Roup, founder of fitness app The Sculpt Society, wrote in an Instagram post. To support that sense of community, The Sculpt Society is offering a free 14-day trial for new members. After 14 days, membership is $19.99/month.


7-Day Yoga TV Free Trial From Sky Ting

Sky Ting Yoga is expanding access to its yoga TV for a seven-day free trial, after which access is $20/month. If you've always wanted to try yoga, it seems like now's the time - Sky Ting is having a New Year sale where you can get 20% off a yearly membership (which costs $160 for the year).


Help Someone In Need With the be.come project

The be.come project, a body-neutral, Pilates-inspired fitness program, is not only offering everyone a free 10-day trial of its videos; the project is also giving people the opportunity to pay for a month's membership for other folks who need it. By donating $35, you can give someone access to a free month's fitness membership. That's an absolutely brilliant way to use social distancing to enhance social connection.


15-Day Barre Free Trial

Ever wondered what the heck barre is, anyway? For 15 days, you can learn all about the low-impact fitness modality with a free barre3 trial, which gives you access to hundreds of workouts (with new ones added each week) and progress-tracking features so you can stay motivated. (Spoiler: Barre is a hybrid type of fitness class that combines moves as broad-ranging as ballet, yoga, and strength training.) After 15 days, membership is $29/month, with 20% off your first month.


15-Day Pilates Free Trial

Contrary to what you might think about the workout, you don't need access to fancy equipment to get in a solid Pilates session. All you need is a 15-day free trial with Pilates Anytime, which will give you unlimited access to nearly 3,500 streaming Pilates videos. After your trial, continuing your membership will be $18/month.


14-Day Digital Dance Free Trial

Does social distancing have you wanting to make like Cristina Yang and Meredith Grey and dance it out? The Taryn Toomey Digital Studio, adapted from The Class by Taryn Toomey, can help you do just that, bringing free dance workout videos into your living room for a 14-day trial. After your trial, you'd pay $40/month to get your moves on.


Free Nike Run Club App

Want to work out, practice social distancing, but also step outside your front door? Enter the Nike Run Club app. With a fitness community and the technology to track your run for free, your miles will feel less isolating and more social — which you can definitely use right now. Rest (or run) assured you can still run or hike while social distancing as long as you maintain six feet of distance between you and other folks. Going for your trek during off hours can help with that.


60-Day Free Trial From Peloton, Even If You Don't Have A Bike

No Peloton bike? No problem. The Peloton App is opening its proverbial doors to new users for a full 60 days. The app, which includes at-home bootcamp, strength, yoga, and running workouts (it's not just cycling!) will be free for a good two months even if you don't have a Peloton bike. After 60 days, the digital membership will cost $12.99/month.


30-Day Free Trial With Daily Burn

With thousands of workouts to choose from, you can spend a whole month learning what kinds of fitness styles you like best with a 30-day Daily Burn free trial. It brings you access to everything from HIIT to yoga and kickboxing classes. No matter what your fitness level, you're bound to find something that blends the ways you like to have fun while working up a sweat. After the trial, membership will be $14.95/month.


Free Full-Length Yoga Classes On YouTube and 14-Day Trial With Alo Moves

Whether you're looking for HIIT, yoga, meditations, or flexibility work, Alo Moves is offering a selection of free classes via YouTube. If you want to try more workouts after watching those, try their 14-day free trial. After that, it's $20/month or, for a limited time, 50% off a new yearly membership for $99.50.


Free Online Classes With CorePower Yoga

CorePower Yoga is offering free online yoga classes to help you maintain your practice while studios are closed. Try it out with a seven-day free trial for access to more than 300 on-demand virtual classes, after which a digital membership will cost $19.99/month.


Work Out With Chris Hemsworth For 6 Glorious Weeks

As the God of Thunder, Chris Hemsworth's fitness app (!!) shares some of the many opportunities he's had to learn about the ways of the fitness world. Join him in your quest to remain active during social distancing, but if being buff as an Asgardian isn't your goal, the Centr app's six-week free trial also includes "mindfulness to calm the chaos." After your trial, you can pay for a year at $10/month ($119.99 total) or $29.99 for a month-to-month membership. And who doesn't need that (and Chris Hemsworth) right now?


Virtual Fitness Classes With Outdoor Voices

Outdoor Voices (of the famed color-blocked leggings) is partnering with fitness studios and instructors of all stripes for online classes in dance, yoga, Pilates, and more. You can also tune into their Virtual Recess classes live or on demand on the company's IGTV.


Livestream Dance With 305 Fitness

Get your dance on with a seven-day free trial at 305 Fitness. Looking for variety? You can do an express workout in the mornings, dance the work from home blues away with a Hump Day Hustle class, or prepare to fill up your feed after TikTok dance tutorials. After your free week, memberships are sliding scale pricing starting at $14.50/month.


Work Out With ClassPass (From Home)

ClassPass is bringing their offerings online with a limited selection of free workouts for everyone and a 14-day free trial to access thousands of virtual classes from top-rated studios, after which memberships start at $9/month.


30 Days Of Free Yoga Classes with Bulldog Yoga

You don't need a TV in your bedroom to practice yoga in privacy with free online yoga classes streaming from your Bulldog Yoga app. Unique because of its focus on fitness and pumped-up tunes instead of typically quieter yoga class formats, you can choose quick 10-minute yoga sessions or longer workouts focused on integrating yoga and strength training. For 30 days, you can access these classes for free, paying $12.99/month after the trial period ends.


30-Day Free Trial With Les Mills

Browse over one thousand classes with a 30-day free trial from fitness company Les Mills. From martial arts classes to HIIT to dance workouts and more, there's something for everybody on its on-demand platform. If you can't get enough, you'll pay $14.99/month after your free trial.


Unlimited Free Classes With FitOn

If endless free live and on-demand workouts sounds too good to be true, then buckle up. The FitOn app has cardio, strength, and yoga classes to pick from, to name a few, including workouts designed especially for small spaces, classes you can do with kids, and celebrity-led programs (hello, Jonathan Van Ness). If you'd like to access the platform's custom meal plans, premium music, or video calling feature to do virtual classes with your friends, it's $29.99 for the year.


7 Days Of Tailored Workouts With Aaptiv

Want to run a race or build upper-body strength? If you have specific fitness goals in mind, try Aaptiv's seven-day free trial to access thousands of workouts, including those the app selects for you based on your goals, experience, and preferences. If you loved your free week, memberships cost $14.99/month.


Flow For Free For A Week With Y7 Yoga Studio

Yoga fans can take advantage of a Y7 seven-day free trial to access unlimited live and on-demand yoga classes. Vibe out to custom playlists as you flow through the studio's signature formats, with new videos added every week. If you'd like to continue, you'll pay $16/month for a digital membership.


Free HIIT Workouts From Orangetheory

The popular chain of fitness studios is offering free online HIIT workouts for members and non-members alike with Orangetheory At Home. A new workout is posted nearly every day on the Orangetheory YouTube channel and website, many with little to no equipment required.


30 Days Of Free Boxing With EverybodyFights

Whether you're new to the sport or want to maintain your boxing form from home, try EverybodyFights' 30-day free trial for unlimited access to live and on-demand video and audio workouts. The studios offer virtual boxing and cross-training classes, including workouts for strength, running, yoga, and recovery. If you'd like a customized training program and continued access to the studio's classes, digital memberships are $29.99/month.



Dr. L. Kevin Chapman, Ph.D., clinical psychologist, founder and director, The Kentucky Center for Anxiety and Related Disorders (KY-CARDS)

Paul Javid, CEO of yoga, fitness, and mindfulness platform Alo Moves

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