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24 DM Slides To Try Out This Holiday Season

"My New Year's Resolution is to carpe DM."

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2020 feels like it has lasted 100 years, but somehow, the holiday season is just beginning. As Friendsgiving dinners and ugly sweater parties take on virtual settings this year, knowing some holiday DM slide lines to try on your hometown hookup or newest Hinge match can be a great way to festively flirt with a cutie over the phone. Whether you've been following your crush for a while or just linked up on the 'gram, sliding in someone's DMs can be a great way to break the ice (and bring on the heat).

If someone's main feed makes you want to be their main, here are 24 ways to start a conversation in the DM.

How much does a reindeer weigh? Enough to break the ice.

Technically 350-400 pounds, but who's counting?

Sliding into your DMs, like Santa coming down the chimney.

Consider me making the first move your present.

I know we just met, but I like you a latke.

From your head to your potatoes.

You must be an evergreen because you look good all year round.

Dang, you're looking pine.

Let's go out next week, I promise I won't (snow)flake on ya.

I'll make a plan and check it twice.

Maybe after Kwanzaa, we could spend seven days together.

And celebrate and eat good food the whole time.

It's the season of giving, so I thought I'd give you my number.

You're welcome.

For my New Year's Resolution, I'm trying to carpe DM.

Starting today, by literally DMing you.

I was going to message you a holiday pickup line, but I don't think yule like it.

Winter puns make me noel-o-l.

I see you're really into houseplants. Do you have any mistletoe?

We could be ferns with benefits.

Your looks really sleigh me.

I want to dance and prance with you.

Let's make like solstice and head right into nighttime.

It's the longest night of the year, let's make it worth it.

That ugly sweater looks itchy, maybe you should take it off.

Sweater weather? More like cuddle climate.

After Hanukkah, we could enjoy a candlelit night.

Or eight.

Your name's on my list, and I checked you out — twice.

And double-tapped your recent post.

Santa can have the milk and cookies, you're the only snack I want.

That's half true —I want you and the milk and cookies.

Did you get that outfit on Black Friday? 'Cause I want it 100% off.

I'd take 50% off too.

Are you a sheet of black ice? Because I'm falling for you.

And I didn't see it coming.

Sending your last pic to Santa, so he knows exactly what I want for Christmas.

Mariah Carey plays in the background.

What's a nice person like you doing on the naughty list?

The naughty list is a new word for DMs.

Do you have any New Year's plans? Because I have some ideas to make this year go out with a bang.

As in, you and me. Banging.

Wrapping all these presents has got me in a giving mood.

Sharing is caring.

Call me a wise man, because I'd walk twelve days just to bring you a gift.

Hopefully gold, but I'd take frankincense essential oil.

Do you always look like a gift, or is it just a present-moment thing?

What do they say in yoga class? Be here (with me) now.

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