"Hot Couple Walks" Are The Latest #FitTok Trend

For days you're not going on a fugly hag stroll.

TikTok's hot couple walks are the perfect time to catch up as a couple.
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While a hot girl walk is all about strutting solo around town, some days you might want to switch things up by bringing your partner along for the journey. Ask your S.O. to join, and that’ll officially turn the experience into a hot couple walk, a TikTok trend that’s already racked up over 115,000 views.

Of course, the hot girl walk has been a big hit for a reason. There’s nothing quite like blasting music as you traipse around and give yourself a quick pep talk — something that’s tough to do with company in tow. Its other iteration, the fugly hag stroll, also works best as an activity for one. But bringing a partner along on your walk can be fun and brings you just as many mind and body benefits.

From a fitness standpoint, a partner can make an excellent accountability buddy, says Stephanie Thomas, an ACE-certified personal trainer. If you struggle with motivation to walk on your own, see if your boo will agree to go on a hot couple walk a few times a week. (And make them promise to encourage you, even when you aren’t in the mood.)

Go for an aimless strong in the morning, walk to a fun destination in the evening, or turn your stroll into an excuse to go on a coffee date. As long as you’re out and about, it totally counts as a hot couple walk. To make it as fitness-y as possible, Thomas recommends gearing up with comfy clothes and sneakers, bringing a water bottle, and walking for at least 30 minutes at a time five days a week. Beyond the physical benefits, though, your romantic life will also get a nice little boost.

According to TikTok, the main objective of the movement is to spend quality time together. As you walk, you can hold hands, catch up, and chat about your day. You can take your spouse as a way to stay connected, or a new partner as a way to learn more about each other. Whatever the case may be, all you have to do is go on a stroll together — either aimlessly or with a destination in mind — and see what happens.

Hot couple walks may even bring you and your beau closer together. “People often find that they have an easier time opening up or communicating without the pressure of staring directly at each other,” says clinical psychologist Dr. Dena DiNardo. Instead of looking across a restaurant table, where the eye contact can feel intense, you can chat as you stroll. Add in the relaxing motion of walking side-by-side, and DiNardo says it can help you “move” through a tough conversation.

Nine times out of 10 you’ll probably just want to keep it casual, pet oncoming dogs, and talk about little observations. And that’s perfectly fine, too. As long as you enjoy the time spent together, you’ll be making the most of your hot couple walk — and that, my friends, is definitely hot.


Stephanie Thomas, ACE-certified personal trainer

Dr. Dena DiNardo, clinical psychologist